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Web Series Review: Wastelander Panda


Wastelander-PandaIt’s always exciting seeing emerging local talent and none more so than the people behind Wastelander Panda. The brain-child of director Victoria Cocks and Marcus McKenzie, its’ tale of the last surviving Panda living in a post-apocolyptic world has caused a sensation. The prologue debuted last year with much praise with countless on-line hits. Such was the interest that three more short episodes have now been produced.

Isaac and Rose, Arcayus and Rose and Arcayus and Akira give a taste of the adventures its heroes face. Charting a battle of survival in an often brutal existence, they are unafraid in joining the scrum in salvaging what they can. It’s a savage world in which they live and one the film-makers pull no punches in showing. This is the best quality about these films – the pure grittiness and desolation of their surrounds are amazingly rendered.

Wastelander Panda’s other master-stroke is its concept. The idea of an animal as the main hero successfully marks a contrast between human and beast. Neither are shown as saints and do what they must to survive. The easily adaptable format also displays elements of drama, horror, action and even a little humour. These qualities make for a beguiling package. It’s also a credit to all concerned that they have striven for something unique and different than playing it safe.

On the basis of these new episodes, the imagination and creativity is there to pursue further funding. One hopes the proposed TV series eventuates as the potential is there for a captivating series of adventures sure to satisfy genre fans.

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Patrick Moore


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