Wedding Photographers Travelling Over 40,000km Across Australia Showcasing Australia’s Beauty And Diversity

Meet Daisy & The Duke, two Brisbane-based photographers embarking on a year-long caravan trip around the whole of Australia, to capture wedding photoshoots, the beauty of Australia and visit regional communities.

Meet Daisy & The Duke. Sid Coombes and Callena Brenchley are two Brisbane-based photographers who will be embracing van-life when they embark on their epic Australia journey.

Their year-long journey kicks off on August the 1st, (and we commend them already for the mere fact they will be spending a year together in a transformed 13-foot 1960s Sunliner caravan!).

They will be travelling around Australia from the sunny fields of Byron Bay to the beautiful beaches of Western Australia, and all of the vibrant red dirt in between.

Their trip focuses on the diversity of Australia’s landscapes, wedding styles, family units and individuals that the nation has to offer. They will be embracing the opportunity to visit regional communities and remote landscape that remain otherwise untouched and undocumented, offering people in these locations a chance to book family and couple photoshoots. They will be showcasing unique couples, families, weddings in the breathtaking Australian backdrop.

Each individual photoshoot will have its own story to tell, so South Australia keep tuned for January of 2019 when Daisy & the Duke will be setting foot in our state.

Check out their totally stunning Instagram and Facebook here!

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