Wedding Supplier Profile: Lambrook Wines

Lambrook wine is about craftsmanship, friendship, family, love, passion and bringing out the best of the Adelaide Hills. It’s a celebration of the fruit.

You are preparing for the celebration of YOUR big day!
You have chosen the perfect venue and you are searching for suitably perfect wines to offer your guests. 
Lambrook wine is about craftsmanship, friendship, family, love, passion and bringing out the best of the Adelaide Hills. It’s a celebration of the fruit. 
The Lambrook labelling reflects our connection to the Adelaide Hills – The Seeds, The Plants and The Flowers are all native to the area. They represent our growth as a company as well as defining our wine selection. 
For us, there is no compromise. We celebrate the pristine environment of the Adelaide Hills and the vitality of its fruit in every bottle of Lambrook.
The pairing of our wines with your unforgettable celebration seemingly go hand in hand. We can tailor make packages for each individual taste and budget. 
So, pop the cork and celebrate your exciting day with impressive Adelaide Hills wines and gorgeous packaging to boot! 

Our beginning wines – Seed

‘Spark’ Sparkling Pinot Noir
Spark is hand-picked then whole-bunch cold pressed for up to 48 hours. It is a stunning salmon pink colour that parties on the palate. 
Sauvignon Blanc
We harvest our Sauvignon Blanc in the cool of the night when the fruit is cool and fresh. It makes for a crisp, vibrant wine that is deliciously drinkable.
Our hand-picked Rose is made up of Shiraz (60%) and Pinot Noir (40%). It is cold-soaked for eight hours to allow the colour of the skin to permeate into the wine. The result is a colourfully crimson Rose that is delightfully dry and luscious.
Our Shiraz is hand-picked from a small parcel of fruit. It is then open fermented in 100% French oak, 30% of which is new. It gives depth of flavour and a lingering finish. Smooth and warm on the palate.

Our classically evolved wines – Plant

Forget what you think Chardonnay tastes like. We have re-introduced the fruit and produced a very approachable wine that you’ll love getting to know – vibrant and citrusy with a creamy vanilla finish. Hand-crafted to perfection.
Pinot Noir
Our Pinot Noir is cold soaked for 24 hours to infuse the colour of the fruit and bring a lively kick to the palate. Hand plunged and open fermented in 100% French oak, of which 30% is new.

Our premium blossomed wines – Flower 

Amelia Reserve Shiraz
It took four vintages before we considered the fruit good enough to be made into our Amelia Reserve Shiraz. We took the best four barrels of wine, aged them for an extra six months in 100% French Oak (50% new), then bottle aged the wine for a further twelve months – three years in total. The result is 1200 bottles of supremely smooth and deeply delectable Shiraz to die for. 
Emerson Sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay
It took until 2012 for the vintage to be considered Emerson worthy (and wasn’t released until 2016). Emerson is made using the traditional sparkling wine method – whole-bunch cold pressed and hand-plunged, then bottle fermented for four years on the lees. One word sums it up… Amazing.

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