Meet Rue de Siam, Adelaide’s Thai & French restaurant

From the owners of Sorcerer’s Bar and Power Up Bar, Rue de Siam is inspired by an “overlooked” French and Thai history.

Say “bonjour” and “sawasdee ka” to Rue de Siam, Adelaide’s Thai and French restaurant.

Located on Bank Street in the heart of the city, the restaurant opened Friday with a star-studded bash. South Australian parliament members Jing Lee and Tung Ngo enjoyed Thai dishes with a French twist alongside members of the Thai-Australian Association of SA.  

The menu focuses on Thai entrees and small plates with French flavours, and there are also strictly French dishes, such as ratatouille.

Guests can also sip an array of cocktails in sleek 1950’s-style booths or colourful outdoor seating.

Although the interior is old-school and Elvis-approved, the menu is fresh and touts modern Thai cuisine.

While French and Thai cuisines may not overlap often, restaurant owner Tira Rattanakosit explains a rich history inspired the combination.

“There are Thai and French relations dating back to 1686 that a lot of people overlook,” Rattanakosit says.

“Ambassadors from Thailand––then called Siam––went to France to exchange textiles, materials, and cultures.

“Now, there’s a street in Brest, France called Rue de Siam; I loved the name and the story behind it and wanted to bring it to Adelaide.”

The French flavours spice up the restaurant, which housed Tasty Thai Bar and Bistro, a restaurant owned by Rattanakosit’s parents, for more than a decade.

Tira and brother Tan, who also own neighboring Harry Potter-inspired Sorcerer’s Bar and arcade-like Power Up Bar, took over the restaurant so their parents could retire. They’re excited that their vintage-inspired restaurant is now open to the public.

“Enjoy the night while we take you back to the 1950s,” they say.

Find Rue de Siam on 29 Bank St, Adelaide.

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