Westfield Launches Home Food Wine Weekend And What A Tasty Launch It Was!

The scene was set for a beautiful and tasty launch of the Home Food Wine Weekend happening this weekend at Westfield Shopping Centres around Adelaide.

The Seasonal Cider Share Plate

The Seasonal Cider Share Plate

I have to say, I wasn’t expecting what greeted me when I walked through the door of what would normally be an empty shop space in Westfield Marion Shopping Centre. I was there to experience the launch of the Home Food Wine Weekend – that meant plenty of delicious food and, of course, amazing wine.

The space had been transformed into what can only be described as moody garden party! The long table down the centre of the room was set beautifully and the attention to detail was obvious. A menu for each chair, beautiful candles and little blackboards with the hashtag for the evening all the way down. The room was dimly lit but there was a soft red/pink hue from the glowing cubes used under the glass top of the table.


It was all in the details.

Feeling like we were in a marquee and the ceiling had been draped with white fabric, the floor was covered in faux grass and a wall had even been transformed into a hedge, it is fair to say that the scene was set from the beginning for what was sure to be a tasteful evening, in every sense of the word.


The lovely room set up.

And tasteful it was… Bree May of My Kitchen Rules and Food According To Bree fame was Head Chef for the night and had created a beautiful three course menu. Lucy Cornes from She Shopped playing host for the evening, explained the flow of the night, and then she got the down to earth and charming Bree to give us the low down on what we could expect from the menu.

Entree was brought in on six or so cheeseboards and I knew then, that I was going to LOVE the entree. When there’s cheese I go all love heart eye emoji! But of course, this was no ordinary cheeseboard – it was a cider inspired share plate. Bree outdid herself with this one! From the Duck and Cider Pate, the Cider Mustard Plums and her stunning Apple and Cider Paste, everything was perfectly matched to the very ‘gouda’ (had to throw in a cheese pun) cheese selection on show. The Cheesemonger Shop in Marion had handpicked the cheeses that were showcased on the board – Adelaide Hills Brie, Dutch Aged Gouda and ‘Shadows of Blue’ Blue Cheese all matched up beautifully with Bree’s creations and the Pangkarra Grissini and Lavosh.

If the entree was amazing, then I don’t even know how to describe the main. I have to admit I am not usually a soup fan (it’s a texture thing) so when I saw the menu said soup I wasn’t super excited. However, as soon as my ‘vego’ version of the main was put down in front of me and I was hit with the most delicious smell, I was ready to have my opinion on soup changed forever. Now the actual main read: Cheddar and Parsnip Soup with ‘Murray Street’ Shiraz Beef Cheek, Caramelised Onion and Fontina Pie. I was given the same dish but with the beef cheek removed. I was still a little tentative when I first dug my spoon into the almost puree like soup (it had a very thick texture), years of a soup phobia don’t just leave straight away – despite the delicious aroma. But after the first mouthful I was converted! It was the most delicious tasting and texturally pleasing soup that I have ever allowed myself to experience (I have often avoided soup like the plague). I loved that I loved the soup! The addition of the little, mini pie in the middle with sweet caramelised onion piled up on top was a lovely one. Bree said that the whole dish was her classier take on a traditional and very South Australian, pie floater. I have to say, it was a dish that I would happily eat again and again and again!


The most delicious soup ever (and that is saying something coming from me) – this is the ‘meat lovers’ version with the Shiraz Beef Cheek. Image from Dougal McFuzzlebutt.

The night was topped of with a cracking finale of a Bracegirdle’s Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate Tart with Persimmon. It is fair to say that there was not a plate left clean after this course (I think, had some been in the privacy of their own home, there would have been some serious plate licking going on)! The tart was ridiculously good! With the lovely addition of both candied and fresh persimmon, along with some whipped cream and a sweet little Bracegirdle’s chocolate. Just yum!


A sweet finish to a fantastic night with this Bracegirdle’s Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate Tart with Persimmon. Image from Dougal McFuzzlebutt.

Now of course, the night wouldn’t have been as fabulous as it was without the addition of some gorgeous wines. We were lucky enough to have wines from Murray Street Vineyards that had been perfectly matched to the food menu. The night started off with their 2015 White Label Semillon to match the cheesy entree, then we moved into a 2012 Black Label Shiraz with the main and finally their 2009 The Barossa Shiraz Grenache Mataro.


You know we’re all about that Murray Street Vineyards wine. Image from Dougal McFuzzlebutt.

With a great group of food loving guests, a beautiful setting all topped off with some absolutely delicious food – it was a fabulous night to launch the Home Food Wine Weekend that is happening this weekend (Saturday July 18 and Sunday July 19). There will be more than just food and wine, so there really is something for everyone! To find out more check out the Westfield website that will suite you. This event will be across all of the Westfield Centres in Adelaide.


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