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We’ve Found A Pizza That’s Apparently So Healthy You Can Eat It Every Day

Rocco’s Pizza is the Adelaide pizzeria taking everyone’s favourite cheat meal and turning it into the healthy dish we’ve always longed for.


Ever felt guilty from eating too much pizza? Well, this stops now. 

Say hello to all the carbs, cheese and fatty goodness that you are allowed to eat thanks to a new sourdough pizza base, whipped up by Rocco DeAngelis from RoccoPizza: Italian Sourdough, No Ham and Pineapple in Findon.

Rocco is known as Adelaide’s ‘Pizza Nazi’, who has been on a twenty-year mission to change pizza from a cheeky cheat meal into something we can feel good about eating every single day. 

What makes these pizzas a healthy alternative is their sourdough bases which consist of three simple ingredients – flour, salt and water.

This is something Rocco learnt after years of travelling across the globe, researching and perfecting the perfect pizza dough that not only tastes good, but is healthy for us too.  

“Italy was the starting place of the journey, I spent two years travelling up and down the long boot visiting all kinds of chefs, master pizza chefs, flour mills, tomato growers and over producers to learn every weird, wacky and wonderful thing I could,” Rocco explains.

This all-natural sourdough is the only dough Rocco believes you should ever eat and feed your kids and family.

Rocco says the sourdough undergoes a strict three-day natural fermentation process in order to break down the gluten and carbs, making it safe for human consumption. This means that you won’t feel bloated after smashing down a whole pizza (our prayers have been answered).

“Sourdough is superfood in my world. For me, it is ‘Sour Power’.

“It is the perfect dough in a world where bread and pizza have been so maligned,” Rocco says.

Rocco explains how many other doughs by fast food chains cause weight gain, bloating, stomach pains and spikes in blood sugar levels as a result of adding unnecessary sugars and yeast to speed up the rising process to simply meet demand.

Rocco is passionate about his food revolution and to get his sourdough message out, he is giving away free sourdough for his customers to take home and bake.  

“We want to get people into the habit and understand how easy it is. We want to protect them from bad bread and made good bread readily available,” Rocco says.   

Decked out in an open space, allowing diners to witness the pizza making magic first hand, Rocco’s Pizza offer a wide range of healthy pizzas for all to enjoy. With their warm and friendly staff, free corkage and a strict no cutlery rule, you’ll feel right at home.

It’s safe to say not all heroes wear capes, some wear aprons.  

Rocco Pizza is located at 336 Findon Road, Adelaide and is also available via Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

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