We've Found An Anti-Aging Treatment That Actually Works

We’ve Found An Anti-Aging Treatment That Actually Works

When the latest version of the treatment hit Adelaide, I decided to give it a shot over 4 treatments to see how and indeed if this advanced targeted anti-aging treatment would work. (Hint: It does, and I’ve got the photos to prove it)


There’s a whole raft of people out there who are looking to look younger, without having to resort to plastic surgery. So when the “vampire facial” hit people were lining up around blocks to inject Plasma-Rich Platelets from their own blood into their faces. So when the latest version of the treatment hit Adelaide, I decided to give it a shot over 4 treatments to see how and indeed if this advanced targeted anti-aging treatment would work.

After my first treatment, I wrote about the technical details of the treatment, and how after an evening of centrifuging at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine in North Adelaide my plasma platelets were reintroduced to my body through my face. You can check out those details here.

But now the treatment cycle is over, and the marked difference it’s made means I’m here to tell you that this actually helps, tightening, lightening and brightening my face. I’ve heard stories of people using the Factor 4 treatment on saggy knees, to help rid them of baldness, and more. From my experience, it definitely helps to bring some youthfulness and tightness back.

My first Factor 4 treatment out of a total of four was uncomfortable, to say the least. On a scale of one to ten, I’d say it would be an eight, although treatments take less than 15 minutes each and there are frequent breaks between treating different sections of the face to get your breath back. It’s also not lingering; the discomfort is finished as soon as the cooling, soothing serum (my own, centrifuged blood plasma) is applied. It’s also a discomfort you get used to; the first treatment was definitely the worst. You know what to expect for the subsequent sessions and the pain receptors seem to deal better as the treatments progress.

A little red after treatments

The tiny rotating needles of the Mderma Dermapen break the skin to allow the serum to penetrate, leaving me looking sunburnt and a little bruised in places immediately afterward. After the 24 hour waiting period any imperfections were easily covered with makeup. Once my skin settled after a day or two, I began to see definite changes in my skin, which was a huge inspiration to continue with the treatments.

The benefits: My skin feels firmer and smoother all over. I have noticed a lightening and brightening of my skin. I have seen a marked reduction in the pigmentation on the sides of my face and the scar on my chin is barely visible. I have noticed a reduction in the size or my pores, especially on my nose.

Over my four treatments, I have noticed my skin getting lighter and tighter and the pigmentation on the side of my face is fading

Makeup goes on much more easily and it lasts a lot longer. My cheeks are plumper. The few fine lines on my face have all but disappeared. All in all, I can see and feel definite improvements and I feel great for it. Even several weeks after my final treatment, my skin continues to improve its tone and texture.

People have started to notice. Mum told me I was looking “healthy”. My bestie noticed the reduction in pigmentation on my cheeks and glow to my face and was suitably envious. I am still seeing improvements in my skin weeks after the treatments.

After treatments 2, 3 and 4 my skin is becoming so much lighter and smoother

Would I get it done again? I would definitely consider it, especially in terms of lightening skin pigment and generally smoothing out and rejuvenating the skin.

Yes, it’s not for the faint-hearted, but as a beauty treatment, it ticks the boxes; I’m not injecting anything foreign into my skin, the treatments don’t take a lot of time and recovery time is reasonable. And the results speak for themselves; I feel and look like a new woman.

Factor 4 treatments are available from Doctor Rahma Targett at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, For the best results from Factor 4 treatments, four sessions, two to four weeks apart, are recommended. Factor 4 costs $500 per session or $1800 for a group of four sessions.

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