We’ve found FREE hotpot for kids these school holidays

Hotpot Commune is back this school holidays with FREE hotpot for children under 12, making it the perfect family-friendly spot.

Have you ever wanted to introduce your kids to the delicious experience of hotpot? Or maybe they’ve been begging you to return for another round! Well, now’s your chance, as Hotpot Commune, the sister restaurant to Gin Long Canteen, is reintroducing its “Schoooooool Hoooliday Kids Eat Free” promotion, driven by overwhelming demand.

Owner Wen Khaw is excited to relaunch the deal, and provide value for families visiting the restaurant.

“Parents can enjoy their meal while we look after the kids’ meal, it’s a win-win,” Wen says.

For every full priced adult purchase, Hotpot Commune will extend a complimentary hot pot to children aged 12 and under, complete with 300 grams of fresh, flavourful ingredients.

“[I believe] this is the most family-friendly hot pot in Adelaide,” Wen says. “In my opinion, we are currently the best hot pot in town.” His eagerness to reintroduce the promotion reflects Hotpot Commune’s dedication to providing exceptional dining experiences for families.

While Hotpot Commune shares its Asian culinary heritage with Gin Long Canteen, it distinguishes itself with a singular focus on hot pot cuisine which has a history dating back over 1000 years. Featuring a bubbling Szechuan chili broth, diners can customise their meal by selecting from an array of ingredients to create a simmered dish – perfect for the cooler weather in Adelaide coming up.

“Hot pot has gained a lot of popularity among the younger crowd in Adelaide, so opening this new restaurant made a lot of sense,” Wen remarked during the restaurant’s debut in October.

Hotpot Commune stands out for its innovative approach, where you can select your preferred ingredients including a mixture of meats including frozen slices of pork, lamb or beef, seafood like prawns, and vegetables like bamboo shoots, lotus root, broccoli, carrot, cabbage, bok choy bean sprouts and more.

Then you choose your soup or stir-fry base offering distinct soup flavours inspired by diverse Asian locales, including aromatic Thai Dry Red Curry and Curry Laksa (a crowd favourite). Then you can witness as the chef crafts your personalised hot pot.

This flexibility makes it an ideal choice for communal dining, especially for families (where children love to be a little picky).

Embodying its family-friendly ethos, Hotpot Commune provides a welcoming ambiance with affordable prices and whimsical cartoon utensils.

The “Schoooooool Hoooliday Kids Eat Free” offer is available from April 16, 2024, to April 28, 2024.

Hotpot Commune
 466 Greenhill Road, Linden Park, 5065
Open: Tuesday-Sunday Lunch 12pm Dinner 5pm
Kids Eat Free: Deal runs from April 16 2024, 28 April 2024
Limit to 300gram per kid up to 12 years old and one free meal per adult purchase
The kid eat free is only for weekday (Tuesday to Thursday – no restriction on time)
More info: Click here

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