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We’ve Found The Most Magical Wedding Venue And It’s Nestled In The Hills

This fairytale-esque restaurant and function centre, nestled among gums and complete with a turning water wheel, might just be the perfect backdrop for your wedding.

Feature Image Credit: The Barefoot Photographer

It’s hard to decide whether The Bridgewater Mill looks like the home to magical creatures in a children’s storybook, or the impossibly breathtaking, that-can’t-be-real final wedding scene location in the latest romantic comedy that sees a protagonist running away from or pursuing Hugh Grant somewhere in Tuscany or regional France.

This otherworldly restaurant and function centre is probably a combination of both. And it’s somehow only 30 minutes away from the CBD!

The Mill boasts effortless rustic charm, retaining its original features such as the still turning water-wheel and exposed stonework throughout the building.

Credit: The Barefoot Photographer

Kick back and enjoy a glass of wine in one of the candlelit lounge areas, or a grand dinner in The Granary Hall — an epic, multi-deck space inspired by an Edwardian Feasting Hall.

The lofty, warmly-lit space lined by wooden beams, teeming with candles, and crawling with greenery looks like it’s straight out of Hogwarts — and the perfect spot for a wedding or milestone.

Credit: Vince Yambao

Sit out on the deck, nestled among the gumtrees and enjoy a bottle of wine, or dine on Head Chef, Ben Fenwick’s, Modern Australian menu designed specifically for group sharing.

The ever-changing menu features fresh produce from The Mill’s own garden and from local South Aussie growers. This family business hopes to create a food and wine experience that is as exceptionally sophisticated as it is wholesome and soul-nourishing. They cater for upscale special events, but also warmly welcoming locals for cozy meals by the fire.

If you can’t tear yourself away at the end of the night and you’re dreaming of waking up in the tranquility and ambience of the mesmerising water-wheel and the shade of the hanging gums, you can stay the night at The Mill’s stone cottage.

Get away for the weekend without the long drive — it feels like a world away, but it’s really just up the freeway.

Credit: The Barefoot Photographer

You can find the Bridgewater Mill at 386 Mount Barker Road, Bridgewater, SA 5155.

For more information, head to the website or contact 8339 9200. You can also check the Bridgewater Mill out on Facebook and Instagram.


This fairytale-esque restaurant and function centre, nestled among gums and complete with a turning water wheel, is your next destination for a romantic weekend escape, an epic special occasion, or a cozy dinner by the fire.

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