We've Just Discovered Australia's First Choc-Macadamia Spread, And Yes, You Need This In Your Life

We’ve Just Discovered Australia’s First Choc-Macadamia Spread, And Yes, You Need This In Your Life

If you love Nutella, just wait ’til you hear about this new product!

MacabellaYou’ve probably eaten a chocolate spread before, and you most likely enjoyed it, but the Mac Farms team at the Buderim Ginger Group has just launched a product set to revolutionise the taste of choc-condiments, Macabella. 

The first of its kind in Australia, Macabella is a macadamia nut infused chocolate spread made with only the highest quality ingredients. The creamy Belgian recipe delivers a luxurious cocoa blend that, when paired with the crunch of the finest roasted macadamias, creates a premium taste affair.

Macadamias are a nutrition powerhouse and contain many nutrients including heart-friendly monounsaturated fatty acids.

Offering much more than just a simple breakfast spread, the range of ways you can enjoy this taste sensation are endless. Whether it’s spread generously on croissants or crepes, drizzled over fruit, or as an ingredient in your favourite dessert, the versatility of Macabella means you can treat yourself to this delicate and delicious offering no matter the occasion.

With all key ingredients sustainably sourced and guaranteed to be of the highest of quality, Macabella promises a premium spread, at an affordable price. As die-hard fans of Nutella, we’re excited about having more options on the shelves, and can’t wait to introduce Macabella into our culinary repertoire. 
RRP $5.29 at Coles & Woolworths nationally. 

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