Whale watching season kicks off at Encounter Bay

The whales are starting to arrive in Encounter Bay’s waters, with the first whale spotted on Thursday marking the beginning of the 2022 season.

Whale watching season has officially begun for 2022, with the first whale sighting occurring last Thursday in Encounter Bay. 

The whales are starting to arrive to Encounter Bay’s waters, with the first spotting of the whale watching season occurring on Thursday 19 May.

A Southern Right Whale was spotted from a boat at Newland Head Conservation Park at 9:30 am last week, about two kilometres out at sea. 

The whale was possibly a baby as it appeared to be smaller than a full-sized adult.

Image: Encounter Whales – Southern Right Whale Conservation & Protection Facebook

The sighting was posted by the Southern Right Whale Conservation & Protection group to their Facebook page, letting their followers know the season has officially begun and asking for anyone to report any sightings as soon as possible.

The conservation group are a group of like-minded scientists located around the coast of Encounter Bay on the Fleurieu Peninsula who want to protect the whales of South Australia. 

According to their Facebook page, Encounter Bay waters have been recognised for many years as a Southern Right Whale breeding area, which means that every year between May and October the public can enjoy glimpses of these majestic creatures. 

Encounter Bay is located on the south of South Australia’s central coast, about 100km from Adelaide, and is an absolute hot spot for families during the school holidays to whale watch.

Whale watching is a wonderful experience for people of all ages to see the whales frolicking only metres from the shore line each winter.

It is quite a thrill to be the one to spot one out in the water. 

For all the best spots to see a whale you can check out our whale watching guide here!

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