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What Do You Get When A Coffee Shop And A Burger Shack Combine?

A whole bunch of delciousness in the heart of Rundle Mall, that’s what!

Coffee is like our lifeline… If we could have it intravenously pumped into our veins we probably would. A bit dramatic? Ok, but we just really love coffee. Do you know what else we love? Burgers and beer. Yes, we know, that seems like a random thing to bring up when talking about our die hard love for coffee because coffee doesn’t usually fall into the same sentence as burgers and beer. Well now it does… Coffee, burgers and beer. There is a new kid on the Rundle Mall block and it is serving up all of those things…

Coffee Central/Coopers Burger Shack

Coffee Central – the name speaks for itself really. It is a trendy and totally delicious coffee shop located in the heart of Rundle Mall. And now they have teamed up with Coopers Burger Shack which means a glorious menu of everything from burgers (obviously), cakes, coffee and beer.

We are throwing our hands in the air like we just don’t care over both the convenience and the deliciousness of this new collaboration! It is like a one stop shop for all of our fave things.

And we take our burgers very seriously. So we were glad to hear that the Barista/Head Chef (what a combo) Dom Knight, also finds burgers to be no laughing matter.

Coffee Central/Coopers Burger Shack

The menu is chock full of some tasty sounding burgers and all of them have been specifically and carefully paired with a Coopers Brewery beer to really show off all of the flavour notes.

Our burger loving eyes couldn’t go past Thom’s Chicken Burger with Fried Chicken, Lettuce, Tomato, Spanish Onion and Paprika Aioli, paired with a Thomas Coopers Artisan Reserve Pilsner. You had us at fried chicken… But we were also taken by the overindulgent sounding Double Decker Dark showing off Double Wagu Beef Patties, Double Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion and CBS Chutney, paired with Coopers Dark Ale. So much burger goodness!

Coopers Burger Shack

Not a meat eater? Have no fear because the vegos have been covered! You can dabble in The Haloumi Burger or the Vegie Burger, both of which have also been paired with a tasty beverage.

The menu is designed so that you can choose to have the burger on its own, or for a little extra opt for the burger and beer combo. We recommend you go all out and get the combo, it is so worth it.

For those still looking for their coffee and cake fix, the Coffee Central cafe is still operating as per usual. The Coopers Burger Shack is just operating simultaneously with its coffee making friend. We think this will be a cracker with the Fringe Festival coming up. So conveniently located for a quick stop before or after that Fringe show!

Coffee Central

Coopers Burger Shack/Coffee Central
Rundle Mall, Adelaide (between Hotel Richmond and Kmart)

Coffee Central: Monday – Sunday [Serves from 7am]
Coopers Burger Shack: Monday – Sunday [Serves from midday]

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