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What if Outlander was set in Australia?

The home release of TV’s Outlander Season 2 is a little less than a month away, so to kill our Droughtlander, we asked what if the show was set in Australia?

Vive les Frasers!

It’s less than a month before season 2 of the Emmy-nominated American TV series Outlander hits Aussie stores but who can wait?!

Based on Diana Gabaldon’s international best-selling books, Claire and Jamie’s epic time-traveling love story continues as the couple sets sail for France. This season finds Claire and Jamie out of the Scottish Highlands and in the royal Parisian courts to try and sabotage the Jacobite rebellion. Altering the course of history presents challenges that begin to weigh on the very fabric of their relationship – but armed with the knowledge of what lies ahead, Claire and Jamie must race to prevent a doomed Highland uprising and the extinction of Scottish life as they know it.

While our heroes travel back in time, we’re keen to move forward in time to 2 November when Outlander Season 2 gets released on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital. To soothe our Droughtlander until then, let’s play a game and ask “What if Outlander was set in Australia?

Jessica Marais would be Claire.


Chris Hemsworth would be Jamie.


Jai Courtney would be Jack Randall/ Frank Randall.


Gary Sweet would be Dougall Mackenzie.


The Highlands would be replaced by the rolling hills of the Blue Mountains.

outlander2-5-highlands outlander2-5a-highlands

Craigh Na Dun would be the sacred site of The Three Sisters.

outlander2-6-craighnadun outlander2-6a-craighnadun

Tartan would be swapped for flannelette.


In Season 1, Jamie would be saved by the assistance of a Kangaroo stampede, instead of cattle.


In Season 2 Claire and Sam would travel to stylish Melbourne to stop the uprising of the hipsters and save the Australian culture as we know it.


The whimsical ‘Sky Boat Song’ at the beginning of every episode would be replaced by INXS’ anthem ‘Never Tear Us Apart’.

But one thing would remain the same – Claire and Jamie’s unyielding love for each other that literally lasts the test of time.


Do you agree? Who, what or where would you suggest for an Ozlander adaptation?

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