Adelaide Fringe

What is Black and White and Red All Over?

Lustre GalleryLustre Gallery Fringe exhibition
18 Peel Street, Adelaide
Tel. 08 8410 2061

Gallery Hours: Wed – Fri, 12.00 – 6.00pm, Tues and Sat. by appointment.

In a cluster at the north east side of Peel Street is emerging a handful of artistic specialty shops. Lustre Gallery is an intimate space which houses the works of local jewellers and artists.

During the Adelaide Fringe, Lustre Gallery will be exhibiting exciting works by local artists; craftsman David Innocente, jeweller Julie Frahm, and printmaker Shelley Richards. The exhibition, which is based on the use of just those three colours, black, white and red, will be opened by Isobel Redmond MP, Leader of the Opposition, at 2.30pm on Sunday 21st February 2010. Innocente’s mixed media, Frahms glasswork and the delicate line work of Richards combined with the use of three such strong colours will make this a strikingly memorable exhibition.

Lustre Gallery promotes artists all year round and boasts some very talented exhibitors as well as the works of the gallery director, Christine Pyman. Pyman speaks warmly about the 10 artists that she represents on a full time basis, acknowledging the uniqueness of the pieces exhibited along with her own work. People will know her from her prolific ‘joyous woman’ series of brooches, which can be personalised on order. Pyman’s work is diverse with innovative designs. There is a regular turnover in works exhibited, with prices to suit all pockets, ranging from $22 to $8,000.

Ann Newmarch OAM is now showing, digitally manipulated photographs, resulting in semi abstraction, with a lustrous finish, leaving the audience to bring to the work their personal experience. The titles are interesting, adding to the visual image and your perception of the works. They are priced at $750 each.

One can visit the gallery and see Pyman at work, with benches situated at the back of the gallery where she runs classes for up to 6 people at a time.  Anyone interested in learning the basic skills and processes of designing and making their own piece of jewellery in an ‘intensive, result orientated’ two day workshop is encouraged to apply. Pyman also talks about how the workshops are personally rewarding for her, because the ‘sharing of knowledge’ is part of her ethos, which shows as she takes a moment away from our discussion to show a student how to change a very delicate blade on a saw.

Pyman will be travelling to Perth later this year to facilitate two-day workshop for the JMGA Western Australian Conference. She is a Fellow of the Gold and Silversmith Guild of Australia.

Article by Gina De Pieri Salvi

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