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What is is like to be an African in Adelaide?

Go-GoHow many Africans do you know? Do you know their story? Do you wonder what life is like as an African in Adelaide? Do you wonder what life was like in Africa?
In South Australia, the Port Adelaide Enfield region has the highest proportion of African migrants and humanitarian refugees. As an active member of our neighbourhood, Vitalstatistix Theatre Company has initiated Go-Go, a performance project working with Adelaide’s African communities.
Go-Go is led by a focus group of young African emerging artists. Go-Go confronts stories of mainstream media’s images of young Africans, presenting stories of belonging and identity by young Africans themselves. Go-Go will share the rawness of living between and within wildly different cultures and asks what it is to be an African Australian.
Project Producer Corinna McLaine joined the Go-Go group in 2009 and has been working with the dynamic team of people from many different African countries to create this spellbinding work. Corinna says; “I have enjoyed every opportunity to understand the perspectives and journeys of this wonderful group of people who have such varied and interesting backgrounds.”
“We want to get across our stories, or our past and our present and the future that we’re creating here; a new African-Australia culture that we want to share” – Charles Onzi, Sudanese refugee, fast food shop worker and aspiring comic.
“Go-Go is a platform to interact with other African Australians, share stories and present ourselves” – Mondli Makhoba, professional actor and founder of Out of Afrika.
“Go-Go is about sharing my talent and learning from everyone involved” – Ajang Yout, Sudanese refugee, actor, dancer and award winning song writer and singer.
Go-Go busts out on to the stage at Regent One Theatre full of comedy, song, dance and drama as part of the 2010 Adelaide Fringe. Go-Go explores identity and belonging through song, dance, drama and comedy with the Afro-Aussie beat. Go-Go is honest, raw, beautiful and with funny unexpected twists. There are only two shows so don’t miss out!

When: Two performances on Sunday, February 21 at 3:30pm and 6:30pm

Where: Regent One, Adelaide Arcade (off Grenfell St), Adelaide

Cost: Adults: $19.50 Concession: $15.50 Fringe Benefits: $13.00 Children $5.00

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