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What to expect at Studio Pilates Hell Week

If you’ve ever thought about signing up to Studio Pilates Hell Week, during which you do 10 sessions in 5 days, this is what you can expect – and how it will change your life.

When I heard about Studio Pilates Hell Week, the first thing I thought was how the HELL am I going to fit in two classes a day along with school drop offs, walking the dog and work – for an entire week?!

Then I thought. That’s 80 minutes of Pilates a day, 3 x my minimum daily exercise requirements each day. For less than the cost of two personal training sessions a week. How the HELL could I not do this!!

Pilates is literally training for the body and mind. Deep core toning which in turn starts to train your body to breathe from the diaphragm. This has a deep impact on your nervous system. Calming your thoughts naturally relaxing your body and at the same time strengthening and toning your muscles.

One week of intense training has literally life changing results.

What I learn is this is something for me. My time out. For someone who can’t sit still and has CEO guilt about things I should be doing. This is an amazing way to get in exercise and meditation that helps with my productivity.

I sleep better, my mind is clear, I have involuntary quiet time where I can’t answer texts and calls and it’s wonderful. I learn that the world can wait.

Pilates is different from weight training. You are lengthening your muscles, rather than intensively straining them. It’s far less stress on the body and great for all fitness levels. 

In building muscles you burn energy and also help to increase your metabolism as your body needs fuel to help your muscles grow. 

You don’t shred as much as tone your muscles. Which is something quite lovely. 

It doesn’t take long to start seeing changes in what level spring you are using. How long you can hold up your curl and how your clothes sit on your body. 

HELL Week is far less punishing than it sounds. I’m lucky that I’m quite active so I don’t have muscle aches. But I take those aches as a sign your body is working. The Pilates is having a positive impact. 

There are so many classes on each day (a different Program in the AM & PM) that it’s possible to create a week routine that can work. It’s a wonderful way to get to know the instructors and the Studio Pilates system.

It’s a great way to train. With screens on the walls that guide you through the exercises and an instructor on the floor to help you refine your technique and push you when they know you can go a little harder. 

I could see changes after just two days and even though I hit a wall Thursday but Friday my energy was back and I  was seriously sad for the week to be over.

Nevertheless I grateful for the results, proud of my efforts and determined to keep Pilates in my life every week. 

If you haven’t experienced Studio Pilates you can sign up for their intro pack which gives you 6 classes for $60 to use over two weeks. 

And if you have, I challenge you to join me for the next round of HELL WEEK! 

My Favourite Studio Pilates locations are Henley, Unley, Norwood and City. All in convenient locations to drop in pre or post work and school commutes.

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