What You Need To Know About Adelaide Fitness Goddess Dasha Gaivoronski

Being a fashion forward fitness freak Dasha Gaivoronski ticks all the right boxes for ladies we love at Glam. We managed to steal five minutes out of her very busy schedule to chat about her passions, drive and success.

With an Instagram following that is some 273k strong, the lady behind fabulous account @BagsandBunnies is certainly making her impact on the online world. Being a fashion forward fitness freak, Dasha Gaivoronski ticks all the right boxes for ladies we love at Glam. We managed to steal five minutes out of her very busy schedule to chat about her passions, drive and success.

Dasha was still living in Russia when her love for style lead her to begin an Instagram account that was fashion focussed. Plenty of others clearly loved what she was throwing out there, as that little account had built to 8000 followers by the time she landed on our Australian shores.

Behind the screen though, Dasha told Glam she was one year post baby (Leon, he’s totally delicious) and really struggling to find her self worth. ‘I remember looking in the mirror and just hating myself, hating my life. One day I just thought, something has GOT to change. I have to do something’.

From here she joined a gym and began attending group classes to not only improve her health and appearance, but to gain a sense of community with other people struggling with these kinds of negative mindsets. She changed up her diet to be more focussed toward her healthier lifestyle. And you know what? Slowly but surely it worked.

To look at before and after pictures of Dasha, there aren’t drastic visible changes. But to assume that no change occurred is to not truly comprehend her internal transformation. Seeing a woman so strikingly beautiful not realise her beauty and self-worth is confronting, but what should be more-so is the percentage of girls who feel this way about themselves and struggle with self acceptance. Dasha certainly has documented her journey on her insta and her blog, and we find her honesty to be a breath of fresh air.

She began posting her new lifestyle changes on her Bags and Bunnies account, and with her new found confidence and health so grew her following. The rest as they say, is history.Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 4.28.43 pm

Now Dasha is on the path to a brand new website but still posting daily on her insta account. There you can see her fabulous healthy eating recipes, fashion tips and exercise routines. The best part is, it’s all her real life!

On her path to inner happiness Dasha told us she couldn’t shake the urge to help others to share this feeling. ‘I just want other women to be confident and happy, I want to help them feel the best they can feel and give them the confidence they deserve.’ This is evident all across her social media.

But Dasha has taken it one step further, and is putting her money where her… camera is? She just became a fully qualified personal trainer at Goodlife Health Clubs Glenelg! And hey, if it gets us a banging body, puts a smile on our faces as big as Dasha’s and gives us self-confidence a la Beyonce, how do we sign up?

‘So many women spend every day feeling awful about themselves, and they don’t have to! I just want to change people’s lives’ says Dasha.

We adore ladies that are all about spreading the love and are filled with positivity here at Glam; that’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Dasha will be joining the Glam team to give us the hottest tips on keeping our bodies and our minds in tip top shape! Plus we’re hoping she’ll share her wardrobe with us too. Keep you posted on that one!

Dasha Leon

Make sure you follow @bagsandbunnies on Instagram to really get yourself inspired and stayed tuned for Dasha’s first Glam post, which is coming to your fingertips soon!

Welcome to the team Dasha, we’re thrilled to have you with us. 


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