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Wheat Skins are the game-changing Mexican treat shaking up Adelaide

A truly authentic Mexican treat, Wheat Skins are the crispy sensation perfect for your next lunch, dinner or snack.

It’s Sunday evening and you’ve just sunk your teeth into your long awaited bruschetta, but instead of a pure blissful bite you get a mouthful of stale and burnt toast…yuck!

This is where Wheat Skins step in.

Wheat Skins are the Mexican food we didn’t know we needed. Offering a crispy, delicious and authentic spin on the well know Mexican street food, with the added bonus of being 100% plant based.

Chris Quinton is the Adelaide master chef behind the fabulous re-creation after accidently stumbling across a TV show filming how they are made.   

“My partner and I usually watch travel TV shows to see where we should go on our next getaway. We were watching a series on Mexico one night and next thing I knew I was watching a documentary on Mexican street food,” Chris said.

“Because my partners Mexican I thought, hey, I should try make some of this, and the rest is history”.

With no instructions, Chris began using trail and error to make his product in the confines of his own home, before moving to a commercial kitchen when the Wheat Skins grew in popularity and the business began expanding.

Creating an authentic Mexican product was the first step for Chris, which has to all the Wheat Skins to be primarily made by hand and be 100% plant based.

Now second on the agenda is the aim to source 100% local South Australian products.

“At the moment all Wheat Skins are made from wheat produce here in SA, the next step is now finding the perfect South Australia oil to use”, said Chris.

The Mexican treat was historically eaten overseas during a night out drinking or as an after school snack for kids, where fresh salad gets loaded on top.

Now, Chris has turned it into the perfect lunch or dinner meal, which is on offer in a number of restaurants around Adelaide, available in ready to eat packets and made in one of his pop up restaurant locations.    

So how much will these goodies set you back?

The ready to eat packets can be bought for around $6 per pack whilst eating a loaded one in a restaurant will be around $12.

To keep up to date and learn more about the Wheat Skins product check out their Facebook page he re.

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