When and where you can expect Polly Waffles to appear on supermarket shelves

Chocolate lovers! The treasured Polly Waffle will be back on our shelves before we know it. Find out where and when here.

Chocolate lovers this one is for you! Australian confectionery manufacturer Menz has announced the highly anticipated return of Polly Waffle. The sweetie treaties will be gradually rolled out, starting April 12, 2024. The all-new Polly Waffle Bites will delight consumers with their nostalgic flavour in convenient, bite-sized portions, perfect for sharing.

Available in 125g bags, customers can indulge in the long-awaited taste of Polly Waffle, absent from shelves for over a decade, at a suggested retail price of $5.50. Major retailers including Coles, Woolworths, independent supermarkets, petrol stations, and convenience stores will soon stock the product. Additionally, enthusiasts can find the reimagined treats at Menz’ FruChocs shops both in-store and online.

“It’s been over ten years since customers last saw Polly Waffle on shelves, and we’re thrilled to bring an iconic Aussie treat back into their hands in the form of the Polly Waffle Bites,” said Menz CEO, Phil Sims.

“The team at Menz have been hard at work recreating the magic of Polly Waffle with a modern, bite-sized twist, and we appreciate the patience of the Australian public during this process. We can’t wait to see people enjoy the Bites as they make their way to stores across the country in the days and weeks ahead.”

With a rich legacy of revitalising cherished Australian brands such as Violet Crumble and FruChocs, Menz is enthusiastic about the chance to revive Polly Waffle and continue the tradition of celebrating nostalgic favourites.

While it’s the iconic bar that us chocolate fiends remember, Menz said they made tireless efforts to recreate it but due to a ‘number of variables’ they discovered to recreate the original bar would require even more time and cost, without the guarantee that it would have the same quality that consumers remember.

“As much as we have tried, we were unable to recreate the bar,” Phil said.

“It was so important to us that we didn’t put a subpar product in the market, especially one as much loved as Polly Waffle.

“We know it’s been a journey and we can’t wait for you to enjoy this delicious nostalgic treat, with a modern take!”

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