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Your guide to eating South Australian at City Cross

Here is our guide for where you can grab South Australian brand delights in City Cross.

City Cross is in the beating heart of the Adelaide CBD, with entrances from both Rundle Mall and Grenfell Street, making it a perfect spot for shopping and lunching.

While the City Cross is known for offering convenient shopping and dining with over 35 speciality stores and mainstream food outlets, it also provides a home for key South Australian brands.

Here is our guide for the South Australian brands you can grab and support while in City Cross.

Balfours Café

While it may be Australia’s oldest bakery, Balfours has been providing nothing but the freshest pastries since 1853.

Balfours is known for their classic square pies and sausage rolls, choccy donuts, custard tarts, and the iconic frog cake – its range now includes healthy, vegetarian, and vegan options.

The Balfours City Cross Café offers quality sweets and savouries straight from the oven doors.

Balfours Café

Charlesworth Nuts

You can smell Charlesworth Nuts before you see the store. If you’re in need of a gift for a loved one, or have a hankering for a quick snack, the City Cross Charlesworth Nuts store offers more than 200 varieties of nuts, chocolates and fruits strong for over 30 years.

Charlesworth Nuts are a family-owned company that was first established in 1934 and has delighted customers with unique handmade gifts and delicious nuts, fruits and chocolates ever since. It’ll be difficult to not binge on their latest variety of Triple Choc Heaven.

Charlesworth Nuts

Daily Bread

The food court stalwart has a healthy offering of ready-to-go rolls, pizzas and croissants alongside a “Make your own lunches” section.

Rino Rendina has been serving up sandwiches for the past 12 years and says the classic chicken, lettuce and mayo sanga is still the crowd favourite.

Daily Bread

Tiki Taco

Tiki Taco started as a food truck that cooked authentic Mexican and South American food.

The City Cross Tiki Taco is the first brick and motor store to open, and has been providing tacos, nachos, quesadillas, and loaded elotes.

The businesses, owner, Chef Scott, takes pride in sourcing their produce from local ans high quality providers, using traditional ingredients such as Achiote, home-made mole, home-made fresh tamales, conchas and handcrafted iced teas.

Tiki Tako

Sandwich Hut

When it’s lunchtime, you’re in the mood for a hefty sando and you didn’t have time to make one in the morning, the Sandwich Hut is a spot to find delicious, fresh, and natural lunchtime delights in the Adelaide CBD.

With an assortment of sandwiches, salads, and roasts made with fresh, South Australian ingredients, the City Cross Sandwich Hut can bring you a light and healthy lunch ready for any worker on the go!

Sandwich Hut


If there was ever an iconic Adelaide sweet shop, it would have to be the 13-year-old City Cross Blackebys, which provides over 1500 types of confectionery! Blackebys is the oldest manufacturing confectioner in South Australia after starting in business in 1906.

Not only does Blackbeys provide a wide variety of Australian lollies, but they also have an assortment of international fixes for your sweet tooth, including British sweets, American candy, and Dutch Liquorice.

The James Place storefront, created by a Christmas Pageant float designer Matt Jonsson, has become a must-visit staple for tourists.


Check out these spots the next time you’re in the CBD to support local SA brands.

City Cross can be found at 31-39 Rundle Mall.

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