Who, Me – 2012 Adelaide Fringe

Who, MePresented by Vicious Fish Theatre
Reviewed Wednesday 7 March 2012

If you sit through Rob Lloyd's ode to obsession you have no other choice than to get your geek on. He is fixated with all things Dr Who and wants to know if it has ruined his life or provided him with the inspiration to be a better person. The audience becomes the jury when Lloyd’s subconscious puts him on trial.

You don’t need to be a lover of science fiction to enjoy this imaginative and very funny romp but Lloyd provides enough affectionate nods to satisfy any fan of the genre, with mentions of Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Firefly and the odd in-joke for hardcore geeks.

Lloyd connects well with the audience. His affability easily woos them into creating a musical “cacophony of nerd” and responding comfortably to other limited participation.

It’s impossible not to comment on Lloyd’s looks, falling somewhere between that of Jim Carey and the 10th Doctor Who actor, David Tennant. He certainly plays up to his physical similarity to Tennant, although his anthology of all 11 Doctors, presented as a dance/movement piece, is priceless.

Lloyd’s comical story easily relates to anyone with an obsession. Those who don’t have one may feel like they're missing out on some fun!

Reviewed by Rod Lewis, Performing Arts Critic, Glam Adelaide.

Adelaide Fringe – Who, Me

Venue: Jahz, 4 Cinema Pl (off Rundle St), Adelaide
Season: 8-17 March at 7pm
Duration: 60 mins
Tickets: $15.00 – $25.00
Bookings: Fringetix 1300-FRINGE (1300-374643), Fringe outlets or online.

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