Wholesome Eatery & Juice Superstar, Coco Jumbo, Launches Pop-Up At Adelaide Railway Station

“[Coco Jumbo is] all about healthy eating, healthy habits, and healthy drinking,” says Dominic.


Amongst the buzz and excitement of the Adelaide Railway Station foodie scene upgrade, you’ll find Coco Jumbo — connoisseurs of all things wholesome and juicy, which is absolutely what you need when you’re rushing off the train and need a little morning pick me up.

We had a chat to Dominic Matricciani, owner of Coco Jumbo at both the Adelaide Railway Station and Topham Mall locations, about his newest venture.

“[Coco Jumbo is] all about healthy eating, healthy habits, and healthy drinking,” says Dominic. “We provide cold pressed juices and smoothies, and we look to take a home-style approach with our food. It’s got a rustic feel to it.”

We’re talking frittatas and fritters, or chicken breast if that’s more your thing, that get mixed up with a variety of healthy salads. One of the main combos you can go for includes one of the frittatas, fritters, or chicken as your side, plus two salads of your choice. Talk about a feel-good lunch!

Aligned with its convenient location along the Railway Ramp that leads out into North Terrace, Coco Jumbo’s produce is easy to grab and go. Quick brekkie ideas include their banana bread (vegan and gluten free) and chia or yogurt cups — or grab your lunch as described above.

Coco Jumbo also boasts a mix of about thirty blended smoothies, superfood smoothies, and cold-pressed juices.

The most popular drink is a cold-pressed juice called Super Green, featuring kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, apple, and lime. We also asked Dominic what his personal favourite — it’s the Orang-a-tang, which includes orange, apple, carrot, ginger, and lemon.

Dominic says he and the team are still tweaking the menu for their new Railway Station location, working on making sure its suitable for those on the run and looking to add some new products in the near future.

To celebrate the new pop-up, Coco Jumbo @ the Station will be slinging $5 juices and smoothies from 7 — 9am everyday, for this week only (that is, Monday 30 September to Friday 4 October).

You’ll want to swing by the Coco Jumbo store as soon as you can too, because they’re only in the Railway Station for six months!

Find Coco Jumbo at Shop 2 on the Railway Ramp heading out onto North Terrace, Monday to Friday from 7am to 3pm. Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram for some serious food inspo/envy.

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