Why award-winning Bunnik Tours continues to be one of SA’s top tourism operators

SA’s Bunnik Tours crafts small group journeys across the globe for travellers seeking something beyond the ordinary.

Image: Dennis, Marion & Sacha Bunnik in Egypt

Located in the heart of Adelaide, within the vibrant red brick walls of a classic corner-block building, Bunnik Tours might seem like a well-kept secret, but the truth is, in the world of travel, they’re an institution of trust and expertise.

For almost three decades, Bunnik has been crafting small group journeys across the globe for travellers seeking something beyond the ordinary.

Image: Group Farewell Dinner in Zagreb by David Hein

Focusing on unique, intimate (maximum 20 people), and specialised group tours that go above and beyond and spare no detail when it comes to providing a front-row seat to some of the most spectacular destinations, Bunnik promises every customer an unforgettable experience when exploring the world’s wonders.

But besides their knowledge and experience with a passport in hand, what sets them apart is their commitment to going above and beyond for their clients, especially when it comes to navigating the enigmatic landscapes of places like the Middle East and Egypt—Joint CEO Dennis Bunnik has visited Egypt at least 25 times!

‘Back in the early 2010s, while we had a group touring Egypt and Jordan, the Arab Spring protests arose while I was on my way to Cairo, which wreaked havoc in the region,’ says Dennis Bunnik.

‘We immediately suspended all tours, including the group I was with, but I continued on to Cairo to ensure all our clients were on flights back home or to Jordan (where they continued touring) within 48 hours.’

Image: Donkey Sighting on the Jewels of Dalmatia tour by David Hein

This dedication to customer experience and safety is an embodiment of ‘The Bunnik Way’ that everyone in the business lives and breathes, along with the belief that touring, when done correctly, not only enriches the travel experience of the Bunnik Tour groups but can be an incredible force for good to the communities and countries they visit.

‘A great example of this is some local experiences we have incorporated into our Sri Lankan tour, working with a small farming village and school that was woefully under-resourced and without electricity’, says Dennis.

‘With the help of chefs from nearby hotels, we educated villagers on how to cook local dishes to Western standards and worked with local families to enable our groups to have lunch in the village. The end result is a wonderful village lunch (supplied by us) with a local family, and our groups get to explore the village first-hand and learn about the farming practices.’

Image: Bunnik Tours group in Valencia

Marion Bunnik, the visionary behind Bunnik Tours, wanted to provide a better way for travellers to experience the world, and for almost thirty years, the team has done just that.

Their hard work and dedication have paid off, and Bunnik has been recognised with numerous accolades, including the prestigious award for Australia’s Best Retail Travel Agency at the National Travel Awards in 2000, 2001, and 2003. In 2019, they also won the AFTA National Tourism Industry Award for Best Tour Operator—International, demonstrating their consistent excellence in the industry.

Image: Bunnik at an awards ceremony

As Bunnik Tours gears up for another season of exploration across the globe, their commitment to authenticity, safety, and community enrichment stands out more than ever.

With the highly anticipated launch of the 2025 Europe program upcoming, Bunnik Tours is set to deliver even more excitement and adventure.

Image: Lunch on the Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan tour by Dennis Bunnik

For those dreaming of a transformative journey and a one-of-a-kind experience, Bunnik Tours stands ready to turn those aspirations into a reality.

Reflecting their deep passion and love for all things travel, Bunnik’s extensive small group tour offerings which promise to be a gateway to ancient wonders, vibrant cultures, and enriching adventures can be found on their website, or reach out to their friendly Travel Specialist today on 1800 286 645.

What: Bunnik Tours.
Where: 45 Flinders Street, Adelaide, SA 5000.
For further info, click here or follow @bunniktours.

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