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Why Rose Gold Is The New Must Have Fashion Accessory

Who would’ve thought that gold could blush, but it certainly can! Rose Gold, as the name suggests, shines with a warm, pink complexion. It’s the perfect compliment to a summer glow.


Who would’ve thought that gold could blush, but it certainly can! Rose Gold, as the name suggests, shines with a warm, pink complexion. It’s the perfect compliment to a summer glow. It shines unlike the other gold varieties, bringing out the subtle tones of one’s skin or the glittering accessories it’s paired with. The hues can range from orange to yellow, and dusty pink to red-orange, depending on the ratio of yellow gold to copper. If the copper content increases, the colour of the gold begins to deepen, becoming more red.

Today, the pink variety is the most popular, with a wide variety of this complexion available at Gerard McCabe across collections and creations. From fashion to interior designers – discover more about this must have colour and start incorporating it in your accessories.

History of Rose Gold

Although it’s hitting the catwalk and red carpets today, Rose Gold has always been around. First introduced as “Crown Gold”, 22 carat, it was crafted in England in 1526 for the production of their coins. Containing approximately 91 per cent gold, 22 carat is the highest purity you can find in Rose Gold. Any higher and you’ll be using pure gold.

However, in addition to yellow and white gold, rose gold first gained prominence in Imperial Russia, circa 1800s thanks to Eastern Europe’s renowned jeweller Carl Faberge. Farbege was ‘the jeweller to the Tsars’, who used the combination of yellow gold and copper to shape the alluring rosey-pink metal. First known as “Russian Gold” and later “Rose Gold”.

When the 1920s rolled around, the social, artistic and cultural excess fueled people’s lives and only influenced artists creations further. Women were dressed in unconventional colours, and draped in luxuriously elegant jewels, all of which inspired jewellers to incorporate the vivid colours in their creations. Jewellers favoured the use of Rose Gold to add warmth and femininity to their works of art.

When Wall Street crashed in 1929, the jewellery industry, amongst all others, was altered dramatically. Art Nouveau gave way to Art Deco, and jewellery became monochromatic and geometric in design and elements, with the use of platinum. A stark contrast to the opulent nature of jewellery in the 20s.

During World War II, platinum was required in the war efforts, and the rise of gold in both yellow and rose was reintroduced into jewellery design. It once again became the precious metal of choice; and this tradition has only continued.

Rose Gold Today (a few jewellery options)

Today, Rose Gold brings an undisputed level of elegance to a jeweller’s creations. Its understated sophistication brings an undeniable level of femininity and warmth to jewelled compositions. A majority of our collections feature Rose Gold creations, with the exquisite pink hues only complimenting the jewels that sit within.

The Mother Earth Heart Ring

Our Mother Earth Collection features elegant butterflies, flowers and hearts, all adorned with diamonds and beautiful mother-of-pearl. Creating a collection that is truly playful and feminine.

As part of the range, this whimsical Earth Heart Ring features two breathtaking mother-of-pearl domed hearts accentuated by the brilliantly cut diamonds. This ring is artfully crafted as an open-style ring, giving the effect of two hearts ‘floating’ between your fingers.

The natural elements of the mother-of-pearls, perfectly capture the every-changing hues of the rose gold detailing. And the diamonds only add to the feminine beauty that this ring embodies.

Seven50 Gold Necklace

Our Seven50 collection is all handcrafted in Europe for Gerard McCabe; the creations emanate luxurious quality. Our Seven50 Gold Necklace is an Italian-made rose gold creation that gracefully sits around your neck. Its simple creation means that it’s the perfect addition to the jewellery box.

18-carat gold has a lustrous and indestructible beauty, and throughout the Seven50 collection, there are enduring styles that will remain your favourites for years to come.

[ORO]3 Circles Pendant

Our [ORO]3 Collection by Gerard McCabe, celebrates life and love within the timeless designs. Oro in Italian means gold, and with this metal at the centre of the creative process, the elegant designs are just that. The use of brilliant white diamonds, add opulence to the enduring creations.

At Gerard McCabe, we have a collection of pieces that encompass multi-toned jewellery to create unique, enchanting pieces.

Take for example the [ORO]3 Circles Pendant, crafted in 18 carat white, yellow and rose gold, with sparkling white diamonds; it’s the perfect symbol for celebrating special and memorable moments in one’s life.

Rose gold is a type of gold that will remain on trend for years to come, given its colour play and its ability to complement any jewel.


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