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Why You Should Start A Romance With Oysters This Winter

Not only an aphrodisiac, the oyster comes with a heap of health benefits that often go unnoticed.

The oyster, whether you love them or hate them, they’re undeniably the taster to the language of love. But not only an aphrodisiac, the oyster actually comes with a heap of health benefits that often go unnoticed.

So what nutrients can you find in these tiny mollusks?

Oysters are a great source of zinc. The stuff that plays a vital role in your immune system, your metabolism, and all that cell growth, the oyster covers that pretty well.

Did some one say Omega 3? Oysters are full of omega 3 fatty acids which contain anti-inflammatory properties which help with heart disease and arthritis.

If anaemia is your middle name, then look to oysters cause they’re a great source of iron. Particularly helpful for pregnant women, menstruating women, teens and athletes, which encompasses basically everyone on earth (we think).

Better than a daily vitamin, the oyster is packed with Vitamin b12 and Vitamin D, the former is great for metabolism and the latter is key if you’re not getting sun (and last we checked it’s looking like winter here in Adelaide).

The general advice is that there’s nothing better than a freshly shucked oyster in all its brine-y glory.

So now you know that oysters are super duper healthy and not just something to eat as a treat on Valentines day, then it’s time to look at our local oyster farmers whose products are internationally beloved.

Whether you chuck on an interesting dressing, or if you’re a purist therefore no dressing, the oyster can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways, and even better you can source them from a multitude of farmers in SA.

And it’s the best time to be ordering from SA farmers, due to COVID-19, their export capacity has seen a massive downturn, so you’ll be supporting an SA business and reaping the health benefits.

Mooka Oysters

For an extensive list of South Australian oyster farmers, check out Oysters SA’s directory at

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