Wild Hearts Run Free At The Launch Of Emma Kate Co.’s New Stationery Collection

Meet Emma Kate Codrington, Adelaide designer at Emma Kate Co., she is also an adventurer, storyteller and bespoke branding and inspo guru and now she can add stationery designer to that ever growing list…

Meet Emma Kate Codrington, Adelaide designer at Emma Kate Co., she is also an adventurer, storyteller and bespoke branding and inspo guru.

Giving this amazing, free-spirited woman one title is not the easiest thing to do. How can you give a woman with such a vast array of creative talents, just one title? And knowing Emma’s unique outlook on life, she would be quick to say why limit her by giving her a title at all?!

Emma Kate launched her new signature collection of stationery designs ‘Wild Hearts’, to a select group of privileged VIPs last week at Brick + Mortar Creative in Norwood. Walking into the room with wild flowers and long wispy branches winding over the door way was reminiscent of a chapter from a long forgotten children’s book.

Her designs, all printed in Australia on environmentally responsible, carbon neutral stock were presented throughout the room looking more like exquisite art than mere stationery. From journals to cards, gift tags to miniature bottles with messages of love and inspiration inside them, her designs run far deeper than a simple message on a birthday card; they make you want to dream bigger, be more authentic, chase true love, travel to far off lands and yes, all while drinking more coffee.

Wandering through her designs you can’t help but feel like you are walking through the chapters of a fairy tale with each message your guide, making you feel just for a fleeting moment that you too can do anything, that you can follow in her footsteps and chase your dreams, big love and endless passion. (I quite nearly left the launch in a hurry to book a trip to Venice. I kid you not!)

It’s easy to want to get to know Emma Kate better, if not for her many adventures and tales from abroad, then perhaps in the hopes that some of her positive energy will be contagious.  And lucky for us, we can all get more insight into her unique world of limitless dreams and freedom, by following her on Instagram (@emmakate) where she has been creating quite a gathering of dream chasers and freedom seekers with over 26K followers.

From a young Adelaide girl who had an obsession with the world and who saw herself as someone who “just makes pretty things”, to a fearless woman who is now chasing her dreams and taking the world by storm with her designs of inspiration, she is quite literally stirring up lost souls and giving everyone a big hug as she does it.

Get inspired, dream big and follow her on Instagram or go to to purchase some of her unique, inspiring Wild Heart designs.

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