Will You Recognise Your Heart Attack?

The Heart Foundation“Will you recognise your heart attack” is the latest public health education campaign, which will be released by the Heart Foundation on the 12th of September.  The campaign for heart attacks has been aimed at increasing awareness and confidence in recognising heart attack symptoms and the need to gain treatment, fast. 

The Heart Foundation’s 2009 HeartWatch survey found that only 12 per cent of people would recognise symptoms such as jaw, neck, back or shoulder pain as a warning sign of heart attack.

The event campaign will be held at Palace Nova Eastend Cinema and be launched on the 9th of September from 10:15am till 11:15am. The events will have guest speakers including The Honourable John hill, Professor Philip Aylward, Professor Ian Meredith and The Honourable John Olsen. 

For more information about the Heart Foundation, healthy living, warning signs or other upcoming events visit

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