Win a family holiday with the help of your kids

Looking for a fun winter school holidays experience for the entire family? Wotif is holding a competition for you kids to win big!

The winter school holidays are coming up, and what better way to spend them by making the most of the amazing domestic travel opportunities we have right at our doorstep, and you may even have the chance to win a travel experience with the help of your kids!

Ahead of the winter school holidays, is calling on Aussie kids to tell Australia where they should book their next getaway.

From today, Aussie parents, kids and families will be invited to nominate their own favourite experience or destination with a chance to win a holiday. The final list of 13 things to do before you turn 13 will be revealed in June, to inspire Aussie families for their best domestic holiday yet.

New research commissioned by, one of Australia’s leading domestic travel website, has shown some incredible findings in regards to our new travel habits thanks to the pandemic. Interestingly, the research has shown that kids under the age of 13 are set to become the nation’s most domestically travelled and educated generation.

The study shows that despite the last 12-months being turbulent for Aussie kids, there is a silver lining. As a result of international border closures and the increased focus on domestic travel, the majority of Aussie kids (62%) are now excited to see more of Australia, with most (61%) eager to see and try different travel experiences in their own backyard. As a result, 86% of Aussie families now intend on taking a local holiday within the next year.

Wotif Managing Director, Daniel Finch is incredibly excited about these new findings.

“Despite the last twelve months being tough for so many Aussies, particularly kids who have missed out on family bonding, school excursions and the education you gain through travel, it’s interesting to see that the increased focus on domestic travel is having a positive influence on kids,” shares Finch.

“Not only are they more eager to explore their own country, but they’re excited to see and do more than what their parents would have done, when they were kids.”

“Prior to the pandemic, international travel was the clear preference for young families. Only 22% of families with kids under 13 opted for domestic holidays, whereas 45% ventured on international getaways. But with so many Aussie families looking to travel within the next year, today’s kids are in a truly unique position to see Australia in a more intimate way, like no other generation of our time,” Finch continues.

According to the research, top of the wish list for Aussie kids is a trip to the theme parks (49%), followed by getting up close and personal with wildlife (41%) and seeing a ‘big thing’ (22%). When it comes to what they love most about family holidays, family bonding tops the list (51%), followed by the chance to get out of the house (47%) and try something new (45%).

The research also found that South Australia was also mentioned not just once, but twice, in the list of trending travel destinations for the upcoming winter school holidays. Interest in Kangaroo Island grew 780%, while the Barossa Valley increased to 620%.

Make sure you get your kids to submit their top travel experiences at for the chance to win an amazing family holiday.

For all the information you could possibly need on all things domestic travel, check out Wotif’s website.

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