Check Out Cricket’s New Glamorous, Premium Area – The Boundary

If you love cricket, but you’re keen to try something a little more luxe, we’ve found just the ticket. The Boundary launches next week at the test match between India & Australia, and we’re giving you the chance to win tickets!

It’s that time of year in Adelaide. The sun is shining, Summer is about to hit, and test cricket is heading back to Adelaide Oval for the first match of the season. The Domain Test Series v India kicks off this week from December 6-9.[0]=68.ARAtci8ETenvEmpBdTqykNa5Q9wxPyBB1ZhtW1bDlhXzyFSZSBV6cc6RYckPQAU7egcFh1gDCfBxRWwTOW6zLJuXXwS7sK3gFhStqzm67gczTElweOH89-geID09OtXXrgQQc3KsYkaLsOc1Uw6w3fpz0cAJysSh77ylg9llYLFd5-eTfewpI1PvN9NYSbpchPBsrXppj_0aFoPLV896fcSzl1kA-rljd4E2omP1HYKt-h952aYtKN8MgEeUaUjKBrwPGYXvpR82VGldxmfe2LvKWlhoJR9T-xkNDou6XvMZRolFCq51q-yEI7C-kJcQFlih&__tn=-R

If you love cricket, but you’re keen to try something a little more luxe, we’ve found just the ticket.

Launching for the first time in Adelaide, The Boundary is for fans who want it all. It’s based on the Lawn at the MCG (picture top).

Enjoy stunning views of the match in elegant surroundings. Sit back and relax but be front and centre for all the on-field action. The seats are comfortable, there are premium drinks available for purchase at the private deck bar, and there’s canapés served throughout the day.

Stylish, surprising, and totally cricket, The Boundary is the perfect way to enjoy the match and soak up the atmosphere in a relaxed, friendly space.

The Boundary is a premium upgrade for fans at the Adelaide Test, offering an elevated experience including a unique view of the action, tailored food and beverage and a chance to mingle and socialise with other fans in the area.

But how do you get in, you ask?

Fans can purchase a Gold or Platinum ticket to the Test to access this space, subject to availability they may secure a voucher to spend a session on The Boundary.  Alternatively fans can be selected upon entering the ground to be automatically upgraded to experience the cricket in luxury. Our tip? Make sure you’re dressed for the part and are showing your passion for cricket! The dress code is pretty strict so check it out before you head to Adelaide Oval this week!

Dress code: Smart Casual.

A summary of dress expectations:
Plain/non offensive T-Shirts
No singlets
Clean tidy dress
Trendy/designer rips ok
No dress ups
No novelty headwear
No thongs

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