Windy Weather A Strong Reminder To Prepare For Storm Season

Check out these steps to storm-proof your property.

Fallen TreeA fallen tree at RAA’s Mile End head office this morning has provided a clear warning for RAA Insurance to remind all South Australians to prepare for the peak storm season.

Three cars were damaged when a large gum tree fell in the staff carpark around 8.30am, two of them extensively.

RAA Insurance Claims Manager Hayley Cain, says the cars belonged to staff members in RAA’s motor claims area and both were fully insured.

“Thankfully no one was injured in the incident, but our claims department has been very busy this morning,” said Ms Cain.

“Along with the incident in our own car park, we’ve been processing claims from across the state as a result of the stormy weather overnight.

“As we’ve seen in other states over recent weeks and here at Mile End this morning, there is no controlling the force of nature so we urge people to take steps to storm proof their property and minimise the risk.”

The South Australian SES also states the number of SES calls and insurance claims can be reduced by up to two-thirds by conducting basic maintenance around the home prior to a storm.

Steps to storm-proof your property:

1. Inspect and fix fences, roofs and gutters and remove loose materials
2. Clean gutters and downpipes frequently
3. Make sure drains are clear of leaves and dirt
4. Seal any cracks in building foundations and exterior walls
5. Keep branches near your home and powerlines trimmed
6. Assess the stability of any major trees on your property – get an arborist to check them if you aren’t sure
7. Learn how and when to turn off the utility mains such as gas, electricity and water
8. Tidy away any loose objects that could blow around in your yard and driveway
9. Park your car undercover and away from trees
10. Make sure your vehicle, home and content insurance is adequate and up to date
11. Keep an emergency kit and list of emergency numbers near the telephone (for a flood or storm emergency call the SES on 132 500).

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