Wine and spirit bottles flagged for 10c redemption

Exciting news for the state! You can vote now for wine and spirit bottles to become recyclable as part of the State’s revamped 10c recycling scheme.

South Australia is making waves in the recycling world with the news that the state is revamping their recycling scheme.

It was recently announced that the state is looking towards potentially adding empty wine and spirit bottles to their 10c recycling scheme. At present, they are omitted from the current scheme.

The government is asking for the public’s help to review our current recycling policy, which was first introduced all the way back in 1977.

This is incredible exciting news for the state, especially as SA is known for its incredible local wine and spirits.

With this announcement also came the news that the government is also making moves to include other drink containers to the scheme, including plain milk, fruit juices and flavoured milks in containers that are bigger than one litre, and cordial bottles.

Currently, people can now recycle Soft drinks, fruit drinks, water bottles, plastic or aluminium, cider and non-grape wine bottles, non-glass spirit bottles, flavoured milk bottles and cartons, beer bottles and pure fruit or vegetable juice bottles. Despite this, there are still size restrictions.

Not covered in the current scheme is glass wine and spirit bottles, cordial syrup bottles, plain milk bottles, and concentrated fruit or vegetable juices.

It is said that these new developments to the recycling scheme will pave the way for over a hundred new jobs, as well as being a great economic boost for the state, not to mention the tremendous advantage this could have for the environment.

While the government has backed this new move, the decision is ultimately in the hands of the public.

The public can vote on the idea – and read the full 92-page discussion paper – on the government’s Environment Protection Authority and YourSAy websites.

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