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Wine Chips. Yep, It’s a Fabulous Fabulous Thing.

Sparkling wine flavoured potato chips are here to make everything better.


Do you remember the days of old, when you had to convince your pals who were traveling interstate, to grab you a box of Krispy Kremes on the return leg to Adelaide, so you could indulge in that coveted, yet hard-to-get treat? Well those days are back. We’ve discovered wine chips, and they’re only available at Gourmet Life in Darling Point Sydney. So next time you’ve got a mate flying over, you have a new mission for them (and trust us, they’ll LOVE this European delicacy shop as much as we do). Alternatively you can just grab some online here.

So back to the topic at hand. Wine chips. Or to be more specific, sparkling wine flavoured potato chips. We’re excited. Originally from Spain, they’re guaranteed to be a talking point for your next platter, or dinner party – and hey, they’re chips, so it’s a win/win. No, it’s not like drinking a bottle of Moet, but hey, nobody wants to take that away from you. YOU CAN HAVE BOTH. It’s like Christmas all over again.

The chips come in snack sized 50g bags for your personal pleasure, or 150g party packs, to share with the office (they made me write that). And if you’re digging the idea of exotically flavoured chips, the Gourmet Life website also has truffle chips. The diet ends today.

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