Wine Review: Chalmers Nero d’Avola 2021

East End Cellars sommelier, Iris Zhang, reviews Chalmers’ Nero d’Avola, describing the wine as a “perfect food wine”, pairing well with pork chops.

Game changers of the Australian viticultural world

It is hard to mention Italian wine varietals from Australia without talking about Chalmers. The wine makers, Bruce and Jenni began their vigneron journey in the 1980s. In a decade, they grew their vineyard in Euston into one of the largest and most diverse privately owned vineyards in the country.

For the past 30 years, their nursery has been responsible for importing a selection of 70+ new clones and varieties, many of which are now used in the production of Chalmers’ Italian varietal wines.

Since selling the original vineyard in 2008 the family has established two new sites: one in Heathcote, which is responsible for all Chalmers wines, and one at Merbein.

The purpose for the Merbein site is to challenge people’s attitudes towards warmer Australian wine regions. Chalmers discovered the answer to growing grapes in warmer Australian regions integrating Aglianico and Nero d’Avola into the Australian climate.

These grape varietals can thrive in hot summers, low rainfall, and survive heatwaves, and as a result produce high quality juicy drops.

Chalmers Nero d’Avola 2021

This Nero vine is imported by the Chalmers family into Australia in 2001. This one little vine then has evolved into more than 200,000 vines planted all over Australia and is doing great things. It’s really found a synergy with the red soils of Heathcote, particularly in the top block where the Chalmers Nero d’Avola is grown.

After fruit harvest, the grapes are left intact for wild ferment. This wine undergoes no acid adds and it is vegan friendly. It displays wild berries, red currant, and a bit bay leaf. The tannin is very fine, and the acidity is very lively. It is a perfect food wine.

The sun-loving variety has been propagated, planted and propagated more to keep up with the ever-growing interest and high demand for the glorious drop.

Cost: $27 (click here to buy)

Food Pairing: Woodfired Pizza and Pork Chops

This article was written by East End Cellars Sommelier, Iris Zhang. East End Cellars is premium wine cellar located in the Adelaide CBD. To learn more, visit the East End Cellars website.

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