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Wine Review- Woodstock Wines “Little Miss Collett” Moscato

Do you love a good moscato? Do yourself a favour and give it a try!


Woodstock Moscato

I am someone who doesn’t drink too often, but when I do have a drink I love sweet and fresh drinks that aren’t too high in alcohol.

The Little Miss Collett moscato surprised me when it was exactly that. I can be quite fussy about my moscato, so when I saw there was a new one available to try I thought I’d give it a crack.

I was delighted to find the taste was light and fresh with the sparking bubbles providing some fizz but not too much.

Occasionally when you have moscato it can be either too sickly sweet, or have a not-so-pleasant dry tang at the end of each mouthful. This was not the case with this drink, I found myself enjoying and savouring every sweet and delicious sip.

As only an occasional drinker I was happy to find there wasn’t a strong alcohol after-taste that some wines have either.

Fruity and fresh with a touch of zest is exactly how I would describe this moscato. Not too overbearing in taste, which is what I prefer for my moscato. I really enjoyed it!

For those who prefer more comprehensive tasting notes, this is what Woodstock had to say about their newest addition:

Pale translucent pink hues. Intense musk aromas on the nose with an underlying tropical fruit character. Similar to the nose, the palate starts off with nuances of musk and rosewater, followed by star fruit and tropical banana flavours. This fruit sweetness on the mid-plate is balanced off nicely with a zingy, lemon sherbet finish. Fine beads help to fill the mouth with flavour while natural grape acids balance the fruity Muscat sweetness.

Less sugar than most Australian Moscato styles, this sophisticated wine shows appealing finesse with a balanced depth of lingering flavour.”

Do you love a good moscato? Do yourself a favour and give it a try!

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