Winter Beer Fest is BACK this June

Port Adelaide’s Lighthouse Wharf Hotel is bringing back its annual Winter Beer Fest this June, showcasing a variety of locally brewed sips.

The Lighthouse Wharf Hotel, nestled in the heart of the Port, is home to many things… lazy lunches, glowing sunsets, and last (be certainly not least) the Winter Beer Fest.

The annual event attracts locals and not-so-locals alike to the beachside venue, providing guests will the opportunity to taste a variety of locally brewed craft beers.

“We set up a marquee and display our feature beers on an outdoor bar. There are ten taps outside as well as taps inside,” said Owner Heidi Barreau.

“We’ve been doing this for years now! Fourth or fifth year. They’ve been very well received, so we are just fine tuning them now! We also do a summer beer and cider fest and Oktoberfest – they’re the three main events of the year.”

Uraidla Brewery will be one of the many local companies on display, including Shapeshifter Brewing Co, Big Shed Brewing, Mismatch Brewing, Pirate Life, Little Bang Brewing, and Woolshed Brewery.

Even if you’re not a huge beer drinker, you will still be able to join in on the festivities. There will be Espresso Martini on tap, which will undoubtedly keep the festive juices flowing.

“We also do hot cocktails every year and change up the flavours,” said Heidi. This year, you can get your hands on a berry-flavoured sloe gin hot toddie…. um, yes please.

“We’re quite a big craft brewery hotel, so this is also a chance for us to feature them all! Such as coconut stout, dark ales, porters, red ales, and so on,” she said.

As the night falls, alfresco garden fairy lights will light up the marquee area, and DJ Jimmy Flamingo will deliver the tunes from 4pm until late. There will also be a live acoustic music performed by Nic Hutton.

To find out more about Lighthouse Wharf Hotel‘s Winter Beer Fest, click here.

Where: The Lighthouse Wharf Hotel, 1 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide

When: Saturday 25 June 2022, 12:00pm – 12:00am

Entry is free.

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