Witness The Fitness At The Showgrounds This Weekend

Fitness enthusiasts will be looking for big gains from the Adelaide Fitness Expo at the Wayville Showgrounds this weekend.

The social calendars of Adelaide’s bro-dudes took a serious hit when Stereosonic wound up, leaving a massive gap for annual conversations about protein powder and low cut singlets. Fortunately for them, this weekend’s Adelaide Fitness Expo in the Goyder Pavillion of the Wayville Showgrounds will provide a prime opportunity to chat shop. Meanwhile, for the rest of us who merely dabble in a bit of fitness there looks to be plenty on offer as well.

Taking a wholistic approach to fitness, this industry showcase will feature a vast cross section of different enthusiasts, cross fit, judo, boxing, strongmen and strongwomen, dance and yoga demonstrations, organisations and product stalls.

Meet Mr Gunns at the Adelaide Fitness Expo.

Meet Mr Gunns at the Adelaide Fitness Expo.

While eye-catching peculiarities include arm wrestling and body building competitions, there will also be professional advice on hand covering nutrition and weight loss, beauty, skin care and healthy eating. Damon Gameau – that Sugar Film director will also be on hand to talk about the new elephant in the dietary conversation – sugar.

There will be a Kid Zone for family members, or you could just leave the kids to watch Australian and NZ strongmen attempt to break 7 world records in lifting 600kg.

While fitness enthusiasts will make big gains from this one, there seems to be quite a lot on offer for amateurs as well to begin their journey towards their health and fitness goals.

The Expo will run from 10am to 5pm from Saturday 14th to Sunday 15th of May. Tickets are available now at the Adelaide Fitness Expo website.

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