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WOMADelaide Sounds of the Planet 2010 compilation CD

WOMADelaide Sounds of the Planet 2010 compilation CDCD cover image

This is a compilation of 14 tracks featuring many of the artists who will be appearing at WOMADelaide this year. Shock Records have assembled a varied and exciting collection of songs and instrumentals that is sure to be on everybody’s must have list. The CD was released on 22nd January, in plenty of time to get a copy and build your anticipation for the live event in Botanic Park from the 5th to the 8th March.

Kamel el Harrachi has the first track with an oud playing style that harks back to the Algerian casbah of the 1940s and a guarantee that you won’t be able to keep your feet still. WOMADelaide, of course, is not intended for sitting in silence but for being involved with the music on all levels and this track Ya Rayah, gets things moving nicely.

To Calexico and a smoothly lilting melody that draws on a range of influences with a piece entitled Victor Jara’s Hands. A tight orchestration, rhythmic variation and some nice harmonies characterised this track, contrasting dramatically with the intricate blend of accordion and double bass from Lepisto and Lehti from Finland. This track is filled with inventive variations.

Track follows track with an incredible array of styles and instrumental combinations, but your time would be far better spent listening to this CD than reading what I thought of each track in depth. There is the sound of Spanish Gypsy music, Ska from Jamaica with its infectious rhythms, plenty of jazz and blues influences, small groups to large bands, lots of fusion music and wonderful vocals.

A personal favourite, of course, was the Mairtin O’Connor Trio which would come as not surprise to anybody who knows me, as I have been playing Irish traditional music almost every Friday night for well over a decade. These are three of Ireland’s best.

Having played jazz for the last 40 years and been ‘classical’ musician for thirty there was plenty to appeal to those parts of my musical taste as well. Babylon Circus offer some good orchestrations and lively vocals with a hint of 1930s French café.

The sensational voice of Amal Murkus, and complex orchestrations in the accompaniment, lead us, sadly, to the final track with New York DJ Nikodemus offering some smooth Latino rhythms to ensure that you will end the CD dancing.

Make sure you get your copy of this great CD very soon.

Shock Records Catalogue No.: FM042

1. Kamel el Harrachi ~ Ya Rayah
2. Calexico ~ Victor Jara’s Hands
3. Lepisto & Lehti ~ Helsinki
4. Ojos de Brujo ~ Nuevo Vida
5. The Skatalites ~ New York Minute
6. Public Opinion Afro Orchestra ~ Two Sides of the Truth
7. Mahmoud Ahmed (Ethiopiques) ~ Ere Mela Mela
8. Babylon Circus ~ La Cigarette
9. Mariem Hassan ~ La Tumchu Anni
10. Ladi6 ~ Walk Right Up
11. Mairtin O’Connor Trio ~ CrossroadsCrossroads
12. Dub Colossus ~ Sima Edy
13. Amal Murkus ~ Stranger in a Far City
14. Nickodemus ~ Mi Swing es Tropica

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