Woolworths Launches Another 50 Percent Off Sale!

If you love a good bargain, or just need to stock up on those expensive cleaning products, this mega sale from Woolies is one to jump on.


If you’ve been wanting to try out online grocery shopping, THIS IS THE PERFECT REASON TO DO IT! This is not a drill. Woolies has launched a huge online sale, for hundreds on their website, which kicked off today and ends on May 28th.

There’s stacks of items for 50% off, plus lots of other bargains to be had. So kick back on the ol’ couch, and get to it, before this one-off shopping bonanza ends.

While there’s a limit of 10 per product, per customer, there’s plenty of things to choose from so we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to make the most of this sale.

From health, hair, beauty, pantry staples, cleaning products, frozen foods, alcohol and more, there’s plenty to fill your (online) cart.

Shop it here.

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