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Word Adelaide Review: In Their Own Words

Presented by Word Adelaide
Reviewed 17 August 2013

Why do we laugh? Truly ask yourself, what is it about botched English translations, fart jokes, and innuendos that endlessly entertain us?

That’s what the leadings lads and ladies of the comedy arena were here to explore with us, hosted by the hilarious Guy Pratt (Icehouse, Pink Floyd) with internationally acclaimed riots Matt Lucas and Kitty Flanagan, and professor of applied linguistics Roly Sussex giving some insightful explanations. In Their Own Words was a leering exposé of what entertains us.

As you would expect from such a talented ensemble, witty banter ensued. And not the same old ‘ha ha’ funny. As Flanagan explained, a good comedian is relatable and personable, making the audience want to follow them after the show to continue chatting. The use of a SMS service during the interval, providing the audience the chance to ask the panel questions about comedy acts and humour, was a fantastic interactive element. There was a natural and impromptu feel overall that suited the “panel” type production, similar to Flanagan’s regular appearance on The Project.

Flanagan and Lucas were enormously entertaining: from ridiculing audience members that arrived late, to describing flight stewards’ secret desires to release gas in the faces of rude travellers. They are experts at their craft. Sussex shared some amusing ‘Engrish’ examples, prompting discussion from the panel.

If you have yet to experience these dynamic comics, please jump on any chance to do so in the future. Comedy is bucket loads of fun live, and Australia (and the UK) are pretty darn lucky to have a rather unique and rollicking style of humour that has fostered some amazing talent.

Reviewed by Nathan Giaccio

Venue: Her Majesty’s Theatre
Season: August 17, 7:30pm
Duration: 2.5 hours


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