Work begins on new Women’s and Children’s Hospital

A major milestone has been reached with the finalisation of a $306 million early works package, marking the start of this critical development.

Adelaide’s healthcare landscape is set for a significant upgrade with the commencement of the new Women’s and Children’s Hospital (WCH) project.

A major milestone has been reached with the finalisation of a $306 million early works package, marking the start of this critical development.

The first stages of the project, starting this month, involve constructing an eight-story car park and an energy facility. The car park, due to begin construction next year and slated for completion in early 2027, will significantly boost parking availability with 1,300 spaces, far exceeding the current hospital’s capacity.

In line with sustainable practices, the car park will also feature solar panels with a 600kw capacity and cyclist-friendly amenities, including 150 bike parking spots and shower facilities.

Additionally, the hospital’s new two-story central energy facility, earmarked to house essential electrical and mechanical equipment, is notable for being South Australia’s first 100% electric public hospital.

Preparatory works for the hospital include site testing, tree removal, and road widening near Bonython Trail and Gaol Road.

These efforts will facilitate future construction while maintaining access to nearby historic sites. The project complies with environmental standards, ensuring no significant impact on the surrounding parklands.

Once completed, the new WCH, located near the Royal Adelaide Hospital within Adelaide BioMed City, will offer 414 overnight beds. This is an increase from the current capacity, with provisions for an additional 20-bed expansion in the future.

The project, set for completion by 2030-31, is progressing smoothly with ongoing clinician consultations and design works. The cooperation with SAPOL has been crucial in ensuring the continuation of the Mounted Operations Unit’s activities during the construction phase.

Minister for Health and Wellbeing Chris Picton said that the new Women’s and Children’s Hospital will be instrumental in improving the hospital care of South Australian women and children.

“Progressing these early works is an exciting milestone in delivering a hospital which will serve our South Australian community for many decades to come.”

“We know from listening to families how important improving access to car parking at the hospital will be – and that’s why this new car park will include 1,300 spaces.”

“I am delighted to see work soon to be underway after the many delays under the previous small site.”

Interim WCHN Chief Executive Officer, Rebecca Graham, said “The new WCH will provide much-needed facilities to support our growing community. We are dedicated to providing exceptional care to all of our patients, our women, children and young people. The new WCH’s facilities have been carefully designed and considered to enable us to do just that, long into the future.”

“The commencement of these works shows that the delivery of our new hospital is well on track – we are delighted by the progress.”

New WCH Project Director, Brendan Hewitt, said “The delivery of the hospital’s car park and energy facility will be critical in supporting the future construction of the hospital over its construction timeframe.”

“The new WCH project remains on schedule. Our dedicated project team are committed to getting on, and delivering, this truly inspirational project.”

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