Work progresses on Hallett Cove’s Boatshed Café extension

Keen boardwalkers and coffee goers get excited! Plans are progressing smoothly at the Hallett Cove Boatshed Cafe, with the new space expected to open next month.

Picture credit: Boatshed Hallett Cove

Progress on the highly anticipated Hallett Cove Boatshed Cafe extension is proceeding smoothly, with hopes to officially open the new space next month.

The cafe shared the updates on their socials, saying they are ‘thrilled to remain open upstairs for all to enjoy some great food, refreshing drinks and great views’.

The seaside cafe began their huge transformational redevelopment and expansion last year, breathing new life into the Hallett Cove staple.

The new features will include construction of a new dining room on the western side of the first floor, which will overlook the beach and ocean to enhance dining experiences.

Access will also be improved, by the installation of a new lift and staircase to the first floor, as well as ramps and the widening of disabled amenities access points. The life of the building will also be extended through the enhancement of external cladding to coastal environment friendly materials.

Once completed, the second level will become a function space, which is where the cafe has temporarily been located, with the new part at the front of the building being constructed to become the new restaurant, which will be open to the public and offer a more formal option.

Originally a surf lifesaving club, the Boatshed Café building underwent a transformation overseen by the City of Marion. In December 2007, the city repurposed the space for commercial use, issuing the initial lease for the café.

Hallett Cove Boatshed Cafe
: 1a Heron Way, Hallett Cove South Australia 5158, Australia
Hours: 8:30am to 4:30pm
You can find more information, and a menu, here.

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