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Workout At Home With These Great New SA Workout Bundles 💪 + Free Fitness App

Grab one of these great at-home fitness packs, and work out at home with free access to the PUSHH fitness app!


Stuck at home?
Don’t let your fitness slide. 

While we’ve been a fan of Ryderwear’s workout gear for a long time now (try their seamless leggings ladies – they’re life changing, super comfy, and super flattering) the fab folks over at this South Australian company, have now given us the missing link in our home-workout routines.

Glam readers can also subscribe to Ryderwear’s PUSHH fitness app for a free trial until May 31st. Read on for details.

Now more than ever, we need fitness in our lives, so Ryderwear have bundled these home workout essentials to help keep your ‘training-at-home’ on point! 

Shop the pink pack here.
Shop the black pack here.

Usually $74.80, the ultimate home workout packs are on sale for $49.95.

Achieve your fitness goals anywhere, anytime and take your home workouts to another level with these four essential Ryderwear accessories. 

-Ryderwear Gym Towel (90cm x 45cm), 100% cotton

-Ryderwear 1.3L Water Jug

-Ryderwear 700ml Protein Shaker Bottle

-Booty Band Set of 3 with different levels of resistance, includes a travel bag.


Late last year, Ryderwear launched the PUSHH fitness app, which lets you train your way, whenever and wherever you want, alongside some of the world’s best athletes and trainers.

Let their expert guided workouts take the guesswork out of your fitness regime with programs and trainers personalised to meet your goals.

The good people over at PUSHH understand that this is a hard time for everyone, and they want to help give our South Australian community the ability to to continue their fitness journey.

They’ve created a section on the PUSHH app for At Home workouts, so people can still exercise, even when they aren’t able to attend the gym. There are 13 new workouts available in this section for you.

Designed to be performed anywhere, indoors or out with little to no equipment, these workouts will keep your metabolism high and maintain your muscle mass. Not only has exercise been shown to increase immunity, it also plays a role in maintaining a healthy mental state. So get working on your physical and mental health and come out of this stronger than you went in. 

We are lucky enough to be able to give all of our readers free access to all programs until May 31st. 

There’s also a newsfeed full of nutritious recipes and educational articles to improve performance and form, so you can keep learning. 




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