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World-renowned jewellery designer Giacomo Ciufoli launches new collection in Adelaide

World-renowned jewellery designer Giacomo Ciufoli brings his exquisite jewellery Maison Ciufoli to Australia this month.


World-renowned jewellery designer Giacomo Ciufoli is set to bring his exquisite jewellery Maison Ciufoli to Australia this month with the official launch of his private boutique and new bridal collection, Segreto.

Globally recognised Ciufoli said he was thrilled to be opening his first boutique in his hometown of Adelaide and is excited to launch his new collection across Australia.

“My boutique is based in the heart of the city and clients are welcome to view the Segreto collection or discuss their bespoke piece in a private appointment where they can expect my undivided attention,” he said.

Intricately designed in Australia and handmade in Valenza Italy, Segreto (translating to ‘secret’ in Italian) is a unique, curated collection of delicate, yet bold rings with a hidden gem that only lovers will know about.

“Segreto is the unique nature of two souls coming together. The signature hallmark is a secret ruby heart set beneath a crowning centre stone; the meeting of two special and unique stones, set together forever,” Ciufoli said.

“I believe that every woman should be given the opportunity and freedom to be unique. It is this belief that inspires my collection to have an element of customisable freedom, while still being visibly anchored to the one origin, through a uniquely identifiable aesthetic.”

The Segreto collection features the bold Iconico, which pays homage to Hollywood’s golden era; the striking D-Iconico, which uses ladders of diamonds leading up to a salient centre diamond; the exotic D-Iconico Pop inspired by the roaring 1920s; the beautiful Ballerini sculpted around music, art and movement; and the Perpetuo emerald engagement ring trilogy made to echo longevity, love and truth.

“Jewellery is a subject that is very close to the person – it’s a world of magic, a world of desire and dreams… and altogether holds a lot of meaning” he said. Mastering the skill of placing a hidden gem under a ring is complex and rare, and Ciufoli is one of very few jewellers in the world who have accomplished this method.

The third generation in a line of Italian fine jewellery craftsmen, Giacomo Ciufoli’s workshop in Italy is made up of ten skilled artisans, each imparting 40 years’ loyalty to the family-owned company.

“I am proud to be working with my family in Italy, bringing our age-old tradition of world-class craftsmanship home. My family’s dedication to creating fine jewellery is unsurpassed. They are the perfect team to bring my creations to life, handcrafting each and every piece of jewellery in our Italy workshop,” he said.

Ciufoli is also highly revered for his superior artistic style in the world of bespoke jewellery making. The process is one of collaboration – taking inspiration from the client’s dreams, stories or heritage family stones to create something unique and truly special.

“A jewel must compliment one’s personality, make it shine, express its confidence,” Ciufoli said. “If you have a certain stone in mind or a special gem already in your possession, we can build a unique design around your jewel, or alternatively send our expert team out to source the centrepiece you desire.”

Tradition and family are important to the Ciufoli Maison and Giacomo works closely with his Italian workshop to find precious metals and stones, exotic leathers and materials to manufacture an exceptional product, that separates his work from other designers across the globe.

“We work with the world’s most revered diamond cutters and their strict standards ensure each piece creates an authentic statement of the highest quality. We use only the most precious stones and every diamond is expertly chosen for its cut, clarity and colour to create perfect masterpieces to be passed down to the next generation,” he said.

With a passion for Italian savoir-faire, Ciufoli represents diversity in history, culture and nature, offering unique and individual pieces to discerning customers across the country.

“When buying a piece of jewellery, you’re not just buying an object, you’re buying an emotion, a moment, and for me, it’s very important and should be treasured,” he said.

To make your private appointment to view the Segreto collection or to discuss your bespoke commission please call +61 8113 5750 or book an appointment online here.

The Ciufoli boutique is situated at Level 30, 91 King William Street, Adelaide (Westpac House) and private appointments interstate.

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