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Would you try this Shapes-flavoured protein powder?

The latest social media post advertising Shapes flavoured protein powder has divided fans of the savoury snack.

Snack giants Shapes left fans puzzling over the weekend when they shared mock-up images of what appeared to be their latest creation: Shapes protein powder. 

Poised next to a dumbbell, the popular flavours of Pizza, BBQ and Chicken Crimpy had been immortalised in the form of every gym-junkie’s best friend, protein powder.

The mysterious post captioned “No whey… did we just create the yummiest range of protein powder ever?” clearly got Shapes fans talking, racking up an impressive 21,000 comments from those who couldn’t wait to get their hands on the powder and those who seemed less than keen, to put it mildly.

On closer inspection, many eager snackers were left disappointed when they noticed the ‘#SorryNotARealProduct’ hashtag at the end of the post, leaving them destined to make do with less exotic protein powder flavours such vanilla and chocolate.

The protein powder wouldn’t be the first time Shapes has appeared to unveil a controversial product, releasing images of a Shapes-scented perfume last year, inviting lovers of the popular snack to douse themselves in the delicious signature scents of Bacon and Cheese, Chicken Crimpy or Pizza. 

With the incredible response on social media, the brand might just have to rethink this practical joke. 

Who knows what they will come up with next… Shapes car freshener anyone? 

To keep up with Shapes’ practical jokes follow them here.

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