X-Golf entertainment hub to open in Adelaide’s north-east this July

The ultimate fusion of golfing and entertainment, X-Golf, is preparing to open its doors in Windsor Gardens this July.

The ultimate fusion of golfing and entertainment, X-Golf, is preparing to open its doors in Windsor Gardens this July. In the opening of their third SA location, X-Golf is bringing their hybrid of world-class indoor golf technology with top-quality hospitality, food and drink. It’s more than just a golf simulator; it’s an experience!

“It’s a venue that anyone can come to, it caters to everyone at any age, you can be a pro wanting to work on your game or someone that has never played before,” Steven, a spokesperson for X-Golf, says.

The new location is set to have simulators that are equipped with impact sensors, infrared lasers, camera systems, and advanced gaming software, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and realism for players. It will also feature a 45sqm private function room, perfect for parties and meetings. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a newcomer, there’s something for everyone.

“We’re very excited to get it off the ground! The owners are keen to get it up and running, but the process has taken longer than expected,” Steven says.

“The feedback from the community is that they are really, really keen, they keep asking when we are going open.”

Like the Marion and West Lakes locations, Windsor Gardens will host virtual reality gaming, social events, and competitions, and food and drink will be on offer.

“There is nothing like this in the northeast area. Whether you’re a pro golfer and want to work on your game, or just want to come down with some mates and have a hit with a drink and bite to eat, it caters for everyone at every level,” Steven says.

“And of course, you don’t have to walk around a golf course all day, we are inside with the aircon on, the weather is always perfect!”  

For those wanting to improve their game or join others in competing at a state and national level, X-Golf will be offering lessons and opportunities to compete.

“We will offer training so people can book lessons to improve, we’ll also have competitions so people can put a team together, even opportunities to go to state and national finals,” Steven says.

“There is something for everyone, and with a bit of luck people can win.”

With X-Golf’s international presence, they are known for their ongoing commitment to innovation, providing the best possible experience to golf enthusiasts and entertainment seekers alike.

The new location is set to become a go-to destination for a hole-in-one entertainment experience.

X-Golf Windsor Gardens
Where: Tenancy 2, 424 North East Road, Windsor Gardens
Fore more information, click here.

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