YANTRA ‘Energetic Signatures of the Universe’ – 2012 Adelaide Fringe

YantraPresented by Sacred Resonance
Reviewed Saturday 10th March 2012

The domed auditorium of the Planetarium is a unique space for the projection of images, from the night sky through to the animated geometric shapes of YANTRA. The venue also provides a stunning acoustic environment for ambient music.

Darren Curtis and Bradley Pitt jointly directed and curated this visual and aural experience that blended meditative soundscapes with the idea that shapes can emit specific frequencies and energy patterns. After a brief overview of the night sky by planetarium staff, the air filled with a harmonious soundscape called Luminos, inviting the audience to relax and observe as the projected stars rotated above.

The second half, presented to a track called Loom Weave, showcased the digital artwork of YANTRA, a kaleidoscope of colours and geometric patterns that filled the dome in a mesmerising and relaxing exhibit.

The influence of ancient eastern philosophies and music was evident in both soundscapes, bringing a desired spiritual element to the event.

Both halves of this show can be seen separately in upcoming displays later this month at other venues, but no doubt neither space will be as perfectly tailored to it as the Planetarium.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis, Performing Arts Critic, Glam Adelaide.

Adelaide Fringe – Yantra
Sacred Resonance website

Venue: Adelaide Planetarium, P Building, UniSA, Mawsons Lake
Season: 10 March only
Duration: 60 mins

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