Yellow Matter Brewing brew up new business venture

Thinking of a creative way of getting your businesses name out there? Yellow Matter Brewing are now offering personalised cans as a part of their new contract brew.

Ever wanted to have your own personalised beer but don’t want to own the brewery? Brooklyn Park’s Yellow Matter Brewing are on a mission to get your businesses name out there and enjoy a nice frothy beer in the process.

‘Slippery Liquids’ is a new contract brewing arm for Yellow Matter Brewing, working with businesses to brew and package a beer from Yellow Matters extensive collection but with your companies name on it. Talk about being able to woo clients.

“Essentially we want to offer a service for a broad range of businesses from hair salons to corporate offices to sports clubs to brew them a beer and package it in cans with their branding on it as their own beer in cans, provided the client has obtained the relevant licenses to on-sell” Janie, of Sonic Yoni said.

“The process is quite simple, we would meet and understand what the client is looking for in terms of what type of beer they like, ABV range and style. We would then get to work on brewing, ordering the packaging and branding.

“Either we can integrate the branding process into our service, take assets and deliver a designed package for the client, or we can give the client a branding template for their designer to design around.”

The beers would come in the format of either 250ml or 375ml cans also doubling as a business card for the respective company.

Thinking outside the box, Janie said the idea to do contract brewing was always on the card, but when the opportunity came to help showcase other local businesses, they jumped on board.

“We always had the plan to do contract brewing from the start but not to offer this to companies in lieu of business cards,” she said.

“We recently did a contract brew for “Tops Beer” to launch their first commercial Draught in a can. 

“The best part about this project is that the minimum order quantities are very reasonable. We are new so our tanks are small enough to service smaller orders. It’s a super fun project and we are so excited to work with SA businesses across the board. 

“Obviously, we wouldn’t want any personal information or phone numbers on the cans, rather their branding, their website, a QR code if they’d like. We also offer contract brewing and packaging to venues in SA with their branding on the can or decal.”

Housed in the old council depot buildings, the 580-square-meter brewery boasts a seamless blend of modern aesthetics and mid-century influences. Through warm colour palettes and carefully selected furnishings, the brewery creates an inviting atmosphere that feels like a gathering at a close friend’s place.

The female owned brewery first opened their doors in June and have quickly become a staple in Adelaide’s west as the go-to for a mates catch up.

Yellow Matter Brewery aspires to be more than just a place to enjoy great drinks and food. It aims to foster a sense of community and inclusivity, breaking the stereotypes of the brewing sector.

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