Yoga Like You Have Never Seen It Before; A New Concept Hits Adelaide

Experience yoga in a totally new way with Mat 2 Plate. From mixing dining with yoga to the new concept of ‘singles yoga’… Read all about it now…

Yoga teachers and entrepreneurs, Russell Chan and Deanne Kong bring a new concept to Adelaide’s Yoga scene with Mat 2 Plate, a unique yoga event combined with a gourmet dining experience that they believe promotes not only a healthy body and spirit but also bring with it a lot of fun.

Since their launch in May, both have been quietly busy behind the scenes planning their next event, a first of its kind.

Russell Chan, director of Unlock Your Body yoga, says, “Everyone was buzzing with energy at our launch events, having so much fun and meeting new people over dinner and yoga”.

The goal of Mat 2 Plate was to find a way to continue the healthy, mind-body experience of yoga, while also being social and enjoying the moment.

“We want people to not only have a good time at a Mat 2 Plate event, but to extend that experience long after they leave. Our idea is to provide an opportunity for yoga enthusiasts to come together and meet other people in the area that share their same interests,” Deanne Kong explains.

Russell adds, “Why not take this to the next level? We have a group of like minded people interested in health and having fun all gathered in the same room. Why not utilise this as an opportunity for singles to meet each other?”

“Yes, not everyone wants to meet at bars these days!” says Deanne.

The event will be based on partner yoga, yoga that involves two people working together in a posture.

“We have a fantastic teacher Karen from Yoga Garage, who has a special affinity for teaching Partner Yoga to increase how we communicate with each other through shared movement and contact,” says Russell.

Deanne adds, “Partner yoga is a great way to build trust with someone you have only just met and there will be so many opportunities to work with and meet different partners within the class. Infact, we have lots of fun little things planned throughout the night to make sure everyone is comfortable and able to break the ice to meet new friends”.

Partner yoga is such a popular style of yoga and Russell and Deanne know that the non-singles don’t want to be left out.

“Our friends all love Karen’s partner yoga classes, they always end up with group hugs and lots of laughs. We’ve actually planned a “besties” night the following day for the non-singles! Hang out with your best friend, refuel and meet lots of new people.. perfect!”

Russell and Deanne believe in supporting local businesses and will be working with a selection of restaurants in Adelaide that serve high quality local produce plus instructors from the various yoga studios in the area to create community-oriented activities and regional events.

Their launch event will be held at Entropy in Thebarton, a beautiful restaurant space that serves 100% local SA produce. From there their event will pop-up at other select premium and unique local venues.

Mat 2 Plate will begin with regular yoga events that are open to the general public, but also bringing new and innovative concepts that may bring yoga to the greater community.

“We want to include classes tailored to specific niche markets including this singles and partner yoga event, private corporate functions and food and wine events at local wineries.”

You can find out more by visiting their website or Facebook page.

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