You Can Eat These Stunning Desserts Guilt-Free Every Day!

Raw dessert makers Pana Chocolates have made their first move into SA, and it’s utterly glorious!


Gone are the days of denying yourself dessert. You can now have your cake and eat it too. Overly sugary recipes are starting to be replaced by naturally sweetened, organic and raw ingredients. And Pana Chocolate are truly masters of making these healthy cakes as mouthwatering as their baked counterparts.

Each small but mighty slice packs an abundance of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. They’re 100% raw, certified organic and vegan – stripped of sugar, dairy, gluten and soy. But most importantly flavour is aplenty. So basically… you can have cake for breakfast, lunch and tea. Ok, maybe not because something about moderation.


This is what dreams are made of…

The folk at Pana have sourced the best of the best organic ingredients straight from their origins. Think cacao from Bolivia, coconuts from the Phillipines and wild carob from Spain used to reinvent our favourite ‘naughty’ indulgences into guilt-free treats like ‘Caramel Choc Chunk’, ‘Choc Orange Choc Chunk’, ‘Lemon Myrtle Blueberry’ and ‘Pana Choc Sneakers’. Never have raw cakes triumphed so beautifully.

Sure we’ve all drooled over raw desserts online or convinced ourselves we’d attempt to make one – but who has time to process three different nuts and get their hands sticky from dates? Pfft. Not when Pana have graced Adelaide with such heavenly, readily available goodness.

If you’re not sold yet (we suspect few), Pana also live by the motto “Love your insides. Love the Earth”. They dedicate support to a variety of vegan and vegetarian groups, animal welfare groups and conservation causes like Landcare Australia, Wetland Care and Sea Shepard Australia. Now tell us your mudcake can do this.

To be frank, we don’t know if we’ll ever look at a regular cake the same. We cannot untaste what we’ve tasted.

NRxPana NRxPanaGet your sliver of heaven exclusively at Nutrition Republic at 1/100 King William Road, Goodwood. For further information you can visit Pana Chocolate’s website or follow the folk on Instagram.

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