Adelaide’s Creepiest Fairy Tale House Is Now On The Market

Woodforde House seems a place ideal for the creatively-minded, those fond of gothic literature. A house worthy of The Turn of the Screw.


All images via Toop & Toop Real Estate

Woodforde House sounds like a fictional location afforded by the Brothers Grimm. Notorious for their 19th century folklore, the legacy of the Grimms revolves around the timely disciplinary nature of fear. Stories such as Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel were composed to frighten and warn, as well as to entertain. Woodforde house, circa 1856, fits both this timeframe and model almost exactly.

The two-story, bluestone house was built by William Uren, who supposedly chose the foothills locations for its fertile soil and the undeniably beautiful creek setting. It’s also for sale, and what lies beneath the polished exterior is enough to make anyone squirm.

The current owners, a family of six, say the residence is akin to the house on the hill in Hitchcock’s Psycho, aka the house belonging to Norman Bates (and his mother). 

At first glance, Woodforde House appears to be a stately family home. The property sits across two titles and remains unrenovated, backing onto the council reserve and giving the impression of a countryside estate.

With a creek and a small, red-glassed chapel, there is something irrefutably intriguing about Woodforde. It seems a place ideal for the creatively-minded, those fond of gothic literature. A house worthy of The Turn of the Screw.   

Clicking through the images is, in itself, a journey into a fairy tale, admittedly one reminiscent of the Brothers Grimm. It soon becomes evident that the grandeurs family home has stories to tell, revealing rooms filled with ghouls and zombie-like dummies.

This is a stunning property with an ultimately questionable interior design. Like, seriously, imagine taking a wrong turn on the way to the toilet in the middle of the night and running into literally any of the below.

There’s no denying Woodforde needs work, but this remains a rather glorious, extremely impressive and intriguing property. The real estate agent notes, “Brave people only. Leave the kids at home or keep them supervised. Watch the steps.”

Here’s hoping the owners are fond enough of their ghoulish friends to take them along when it comes time to move so whoever buys the house can venture to the toilet in peace.

For more info on inspection times and auction dates, see here.

You can find Woodforde House at 10 Melory Crescent, Magill. 

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